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    Dec 18, 2013
    Proposing a comprehensive, easy-to-use, high security replacement for usernames,
    passwords, reminders, one-time-code authenticators . . . and everything else.

    Click the code on a desktop or laptop screen: To use the SQRL system on any desktop
    or laptop system, a desktop SQRL application would be installed and would register itself
    to receive sqrl:// links. (This is similar to the way an email program registers to receive
    mailto: links.) This allows the same solution to be used by users on their desktop that they
    are using on their smartphones. When any website offers an SQRL code the user just clicks on
    the code with their mouse cursor and the locally installed SQRL app will pop-up, prompt for
    their SQRL password, confirm the domain, and then log them in.

    An important note about anonymity: To be clear, virtually nothing else about the use of the
    Internet is securely anonymous. A web browser's collection and regurgitation of cookies
    and other telltale debris, your connection IP address, your ISP, etc. all provide
    potentially identifying and de-anonymizing data. This SQRL system does not, and is not
    intended to, circumvent, defeat, or resolve any of those problems. This system simply
    generates a highly secure persistent “opaque identification token” which is dynamically
    authenticated to prevent impersonation... and it does so instantly, with startling

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.