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  1. Thanatos

    Thanatos Registered Member

    Dec 29, 2003
    To Whom It May Concern:

       I have a problem that I hope you can help me solve. I run a Dell with Win98SE & use IE5.5. I am a power user who learned DOS before they had any Windows programs. I wanted to up my security on the internet. I had my computer crashed twice over the Christmas holidays. I already run a modified Host file, DNSKong, eDexter & Free Popup Killer. I ran a search for spyware on the internet & got sent to your site. I downloaded & installed: SpywareGuard version 2.2.0. It needed an ocx file that wasn’t on my computer. I downloaded & installed that. I haven’t had much of a chance yet to try out the guard, but every time I shutdown or restart my computer I get the following error warning on the screen. It is the gray & blue box with the red & white X & the options: Close, Details>>. Here is a description of the whole box along with the details:

       The program has preformed an illegal operation
       and will be shut down.
       If problem persists, contact the program

       DISPLAY caused an invalid page fault in
       module <unknown> at 0000:653503df.

       EAX=00000000 CS=0167 EIP=653503df EFLGS=00010202
       EBX=0063fb12 SS=016f ESP=0063fac4 EBP=0063fae0
       ECX=00000000 DS=016f ESI=00008b36 FS=37ef
       EDX=00008b52 ES=016f EDI=0063fac8 GS=3787
       Bytes at CS:EIP

    If you can tell me how to fix the problem, I would appreciate it. The only way I can fix it is to uninstall SpywareGuard. Thank you.

             Wayne McBroom
  2. inharry

    inharry Guest

    Same problem here.
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