SpywareGuard warned IE search page changed to "none" and I x'd out of it

Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by Libra, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. Libra

    Libra Registered Member

    May 26, 2003
    On Windows 98se shortly after opening AOL, SpywareGuard popped up a message that my IE search page had been changed to "none" and prompted to allow or deny. I attempted to view the IE search pages listed in SpywareBlaster, but the SpywareGuard message was in the way so I x'ed out of it to view SpywareBlaster.

    The page that SG mentioned was changed was listed in SpywareBlaster, but "none" wasn't listed.

    Since I never made a selection but x'd out of the SG warning, what happened?
    I can't get it to repeat the message and it's not listed under Reports in SG.

    Is "none" bad, if it was allowed?

    Thank you.

    Sincerely, Libra
  2. Roxport

    Roxport Registered Member

    Mar 4, 2007
    Fort Worth, Texas
    I think I'm having a similar problem. Specs: Win2K SP4, IE 6.0. IE default page = about:blank. I use SpywareGuard, plus other tools to keep the computer clean and user-friendly.

    Today(March 4, 2007) I noticed the following (see attached screen shot):

    When I open a new webpage, I get a SpywareGuard notice that says:
    "Warning! Your IE first home page has been changed!
    Your Internet Explorer local machine first home page has been changed
    [blank line here]

    Notice it says "IE first home page" (google gives a possible 8 results!!), and not the usual "default home page" has changed notice. Tricky. What the heck is "IE first home page"? I have never seen SpywareGuard report this before. I checked the FAQ for SpywareGuard and searched this forum also, but on this topic there is very very limited info (a Yahoo! page in Chinese which doesn't translate to English very well...)

    So, I click "Restore old value".

    Notice what the Address field of IE (http:///), after I get this warning. "http:///" o_O what the heck o_O

    Here's exactly what I was doing when I first noticed this:
    I had Acrobat Reader (latest version) open and was viewing a 100+ page laptop service manual. I was copying photos from a CF memory card to my computer and posting them on my geocities free website. All of a sudden, I got tons of the SpywareGuard warning as described above. The computer sorta froze up and I left it alone for a few minutes and it came back to the real world. I ran Spyware/Adware programs, searched Google, searched the Registry, with no luck.

    Here's my google search results:

    Could it be Comet Cursors?
    I checked my computer and we don't even have that installed.

    Could it be dmserver.dll trojan?

    This is all the time I have. I don't have time to post logs, etc. Sorry. I think I'm going to uninstall Acrobat reader, uninstall SpywareGuard. Reboot, then reinstall them.

    HELP?!?! and thanks in advance...

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