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Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by D-B-M, Sep 13, 2004.

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    I've been having problems with a particularly nasty load of Spyware/virus called CoolWebSearch or "about:blank" (the page it loads after hijacking your homepage). I finally got rid of it with the kind help of the experts at SpywareWarrior.com ...

    However, in the extended and convoluted process of getting rid of this thing I looked up a number of products for fixing and preventing Spyware. One of the things I did was to load SpywareGuard. Now, when my problems were entirely cleared and I had loaded up on prevention, I found that I could not use Hotmail. It displays the login dialog box and takes my password then shows a blank page (just whitespace). When I turned SpywareGuard off (I tried turning a number of things off and then on again!), I was able to get into my mail on the second try ... turning it back on after checking mail I am back to my white screen.

    Now, I am very confused as I've searched this forum and found ... nothing. No mention of anyone else having my problem! Does anyone have any idea what might be causing thiso_O

Thread Status:
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