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    I am a pc-tech at a local computer store where we put spywareblaster on almost every virus/spyware infected computer. We hate to put those computers on the net soooo... is there a way to download the updates (*.zip *.exe etc...) so that we can just install the updates without going on-line?

    David Tesdall
    ~removed personal email to prevent spam bot harvesting of address - Bubba~ please email me with yur answers for i don't know the next time i will be able to write/read here.
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  2. Bubba

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    Apr 15, 2002
    Hey David,

    Contained in the below link is a SpywareBlaster Tips: section with instructions of how to accomplish what you are asking.

    This link---> SpywareBlaster Troubleshooting and Tips & Tricks
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