Spywareblaster restricted entry for doubleclick.net causes problem in IE6

Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by xktAhayk8I, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. xktAhayk8I

    xktAhayk8I Registered Member

    Jan 11, 2009
    I just started getting an unwanted security bar at the top of the IE6
    browser window at certain websites, such as www.blackviper.com:
    "Your security settings do not allow Web sites to use Active controls
    installed on your computer. This page may not display correctly. Click here
    for options..."

    However when clicking on it, no options were displayed. Instead it just
    showed Information Bar Help.

    I tried the obvious things to try to isolate it, such as turning off the IE6
    popup blocker, and lowering ActiveX security settings in internet options.
    No joy there, so they weren't the cause. Fortunately my memory is still
    fairly good, and remembered that I had just updated Spywareblaster and
    Spybot-S&D within the last 24 hours, making them possible culprits. To make
    a long story short, turns out this problem is apparently caused by
    Spywareblaster's restricted sites protection.

    Looking at the new blackviper website, there's an ad by google near the top
    which properties say it comes from:
    (alternating with other ad subdomains too)
    Doubleclick.net is indeed the culprit as I proved by checking/unchecking the
    doubleclick.net restriction in Spywareblaster.

    Of course I have doubleclick entries in my HOSTS file too, but not that
    particular one, so added it, and that also prevents the problem. That's
    after I discovered that Spybot-S&D had mysteriously replaced my MVP HOSTS
    file with its own version at the last update, unknown to me. That's probably
    because after some experimenting I had forgotten to retick the box in
    Spybot-S&D to prevent modifications of the HOSTS file. A bit strange, but I
    restored my MVP HOSTS file and don't expect a repeat of the switcheroo.

    Googling I see that other people have had this problem over the years and
    never found a cure. Why it just appeared on my computer is somewhat of a
    mystery. I never saw it before. In any case the culprit appears to be the
    doubleclick.net restricted entry in Spywareblaster.
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