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Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by jmarc17, Mar 21, 2003.

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  1. jmarc17

    jmarc17 Guest

    i just tried downloading the spyware blaster but it's unable to open. it says the library file is missing, msvbvm60.dll.
  2. Pieter_Arntz

    Pieter_Arntz Spyware Veteran

    Apr 27, 2002
    Hi jmarc17,

    Download and install the VB 6.0 SP5 run-times from Microsoft below:
    That ought to take care of it.


  3. Primrose

    Primrose Registered Member

    Sep 21, 2002
    And here is some background info on why that file is missing and some more good stuff for you if you ever run into any of these others.



    You downloaded a software and when you try to run it, you receive a "missing file" error or "runtime error" What's up with that ?
    A particular file (e.g MFC42.DLL or COMDLG32.OCX or any other) is missing.

    Developers sometimes assume that most people have those files, however if you don't download very often and don't use a lot of software other than what came with your computer - you may need an additional support file here and there. Microsoft releases new "Run-time" files every now and then, they allow software developers to make use of the latest technology when creating new software. In order for YOU to use these programs, you need to update your Windows system with these files. Many software products requires the VB6 Runtimes or the earlier version, the VB5 Runtimes.

    A.From where can I download missing ocx or dll files ?
    You can do that here...

    And if you do not find the one you need on that page, then use the FTP search function on the bottom of the page to find the one(s) you need.

    B. What shall I do with downloaded DLL's and OCX's which were missing on my system ?

    It’s not very complicated. Let's assume that you have downloaded "RICHED32.DLL"

    Perform the following steps:

    1. Copy the file "RICHED32.DLL" into your System32 folder.

    2. click on START button in the Task bar

    3. click on Run...

    4. Type in the Textbox: Regsvr32.exe RICHED32.DLL

    5. Click OK

    The library file or active X component is now installed and registered in your Windows system.

    C. Is it necessary to uninstall some programs if I want to install a newer version ?
    Yes ! If you want to play it safe. Please make sure that the program is not running when you try to uninstall it. If you install the new version without uninstalling the old one, the old files could remain on your system.

    D. When I attempt to start the program, I get an error stating that MSCOMCTL.OCX or one of its dependents is missing or not properly registered. What is the problem?

    This is an ActiveX component . This control is present in most Windows Operating Systems, and this error indicates that it either needs to be updated, is corrupted, or missing. You can download an executable named "mscomctl.exe" that will install a recent version of this component from this download site.


    Direct Download

    Be sure and take notice of where you download this file, because after it is downloaded, you will need to double-click (extract) it for proper installation.

    E. When I attempt to start the program, I get an error stating that MSVBVM60.DLL is missing or corrupted. What is the problem?

    This is a common Visual Basic Runtime Module needed to properly run the software. This control is present in most Windows Operating Systems, and this error indicates that the file is corrupted or missing.

    F. When trying to start the program I get the following message - "MS Script Control not available"

    Should this be installed and where can I find it ?

    MS Script Control must be installed on your system. This control is installed by default on Win2000 and WinXP systems.

    For the other Windows operating systems you can download it from




    VBRun60.exe Installs Visual Basic 6.0 Run-Time Files
    This package includes: ASycFilt.dll, ComCat.dll, MSVBVM60.dll, OLEAut32.dll, OLEPro32.dll, STDOLE2.tlb, ADVPack.dll, W95Inf16.dll, W95Inf32.dll, VBRun60.inf,

    Msvbvm50.exe Installs Visual Basic 5.0 Run-Time Files
    This package includes: Msvbvm50.dll, Oleaut32.dll, Olepro32.dll, Stdole2.tlb, Asycfilt.dll, Comcat.dll
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