Spybot-S&D public release 0.95

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by PepiMK, Apr 29, 2002.

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  1. PepiMK

    PepiMK Registered Member

    Mar 6, 2002
    Just a short list what has changed since 0.94:

    new features:
    - Update section to download updated files directly
    - News section to read update news inside Spybot-S&D
    - Opt out section with links
    - Improved automation (waiting before scanning, waiting for other programs...)
    - Estimated duration of the full scan and scan details in statusbar
    - Recovery information saved in zip archives to avoid false alarms by other programs
    - Exlude product list now with different categories for each include file
    - Bug report function improved by SMTP authentification
    - Bug report function allows settings import from Outlook & Outlook Express
    - Progress bar while reading recovery information
    - Languages now loaded from files instead of registry
    - Spanish language file
    - Include files checksum protected to avoid misuse
    - A bot info section showing information about the targetted products
    - Running processes get killed before they are deleted
    - New Cydoor dummy
    (this is just a short list of the most important changes)
    - logs improved
    - unnecessary creation of registry keys solved (restore tool included)
    - Explorer windows of folders with long names can be called without an error again
    - Smoother progress bar
    - Improvement in registry backup and restore
    - Clearing IE cache doesn't delete cookies any more
    - Desktop links to not connected network drives get ignored
    - Spybot-S&D can now be run even if IE is not working (Winsock problem)
    - Winsock problem (tool included and available seperate on the forum)
    - fixed some false positives
    (the complete list of bugfixes is available on the forum)
    new bot detections:
    - AdvertBar
    - AllCyberSearch
    - CashBar
    - FlySwat 2 & 5
    - Gratisware
    - Hotbar
    - DownloadWare
    - IEPlugin
    - Network Essentials
    - TopMoxie
    improved bot detections:
    - Alexa
    - BDE Projector
    - GoHip
    - New.Net
    - webHancer
    new keylogger detections:
    - AB System Spy 5.0, Actions Monitor 1.0.1, AE Covert Operation Monitor, Codename Alvin, GlobalPatrol, Hack'99, Hellz Little Spy, HookDump, IntraSpy, IPXKCR, Keyboard Guardian, Keycorder, Keystroke Reporter, KLogger, MDSA Sentinel, NGC PC & Internet Monitor, PC Weasel, Phantom2, Probot, Retrieve, Salus, Screen Logger, SpyCapture, SpyPC, Surfing Spy, Windows Spy Client, Windows Spy Server, WinRecon, Win-Spy, Winvestigator, XtraKeys WinKey Logger
    new usage track: MS RAS

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    Jul 1, 2001
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    Feb 10, 2002
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    Re: Spybot-S&D public release 0.95 Review

    Spybot - Search & Destroy 0.95 Review
    PepiMK Software
    April 29, 2002

    SpyBot is a great tool currently under development. Having followed the beta process for the past 4 months it looks as though the first final release can be expected anytime now. The newest release Version 0.95 is a very stable and productive version.
    Read Review Here
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