Speckie v2.0.0 (1 July, 2011)

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    May 13, 2003
    Changes in Speckie v2.0.0 (1 July, 2011)
    • Added the ability to specify the installed dictionary directory (licenced users only).
    • Added the ability to select which user dictionary a word is added to when using more than one dictionary for spell checking.
    • Words in user dictionaries are now sorted alphabetically when displayed in the Settings page.
    • Duplicate words in user dictionaries are now removed when displayed in the Settings page.
    • Updated MSI packages to allow setting of the install path and installed dictionaries path directly via the installer (licenced users only).
    • Changed the location of user dictionaries on Windows Vista/7 to comply with IE's Protected Mode Restrictions. The location is unchanged on Windows XP.
    • Fixed the ability to edit user dictionaries while IE's protected mode is enabled on Windows Vista/7.
    • Fixed an issue that disabled spell checking until a new window/tab was opened.
    • Fixed an issue that resulted in an incomplete Settings page.
    • Fixed the installer not preserving settings on uninstall prompt.

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    This is a great add-on. Nice to see that its developers are actively working on it (unlike ieSpell devs...).

    Speckie alleviates the sad fact that IE is the only widely used browser that still hasn't this feature (spell checking) natively. Maybe in version 10...
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