SPB never detects Firefox

Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by Foxyuser, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. Foxyuser

    Foxyuser Registered Member

    Apr 23, 2012
    FF 11
    Comp Model HP 7700
    Win XP SP3 and all updates
    MS Security Essentials w MS Firewall
    SPB v. 4.6 batabase 4/16/2012
    DSL Verizon connection

    I've been using Firefox almost since its inception, and SWB always tells me it can't detect a FF profile. My profile is in the standard place. This also applies to all previous versions I've used on several other comps, all with different security programs. I've let it slide because of FF's own security options.

    Your KB directed me to remove a FF profile file "registry.dat," but no such file exists.

    My security add-ons in FF are: AdBlockPlus, WOT and TrackMeNot. I have also checked the Options box "Tell websites not to track me."

    I have already checked this out, but all my files are always visible:

    SWB does work properly on IE, but I rarely use that program.
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  2. Saint Satin Stain

    Saint Satin Stain Registered Member

    Feb 16, 2004
    Huntsville, AL and Greenwich Village, NYC
    Hmmm. SpywareBlaster on my XP Pro SP3 detects Firefox and Pale Moon a Firefox optimized for Windows also IE and SeaMonkey.

    Do you use any other global security programs besides MSE and native firewall? Ones not specific to a browser. For example I use Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete, Windows Firewall, Sandboxie, and Threatfire as only real time security. SpywareBlaster not really real time; Threatfire is passive unless it detects a threat; Sandboxie only used when an app is sandboxed and it has settings to enforce compatibility with others.

    Have you tried reinstalling SpywareBlaster?
    Have you also tried reinstalling Firefox?

    Could some configuration of your main security, or some others if you have, be the problem?

    Puzzling that it doesn't detect Firefox. It detects it on my nonstandard computer. I put the hardware together myself and chose some atypical programs most folk don't know.

    SpywareBlaster even detects SeaMonkey, my default, and its users only number in the hundreds of thousands; whereas Firefox has millions.

    Do you have any global hardening programs such as True System Security Tweaker, xpy, xp-AntiSpy, Seconfig XP, Secure-It, Security & Privacy Complete, Safe XP, Samurai, or Harden-It?

    Though these programs and similar ones make it easy to harden the system, which I recommend do, don't just depend on antimalware, firewall, etc., I suggest you do it first item by item, wait awhile, see the effects of each. You will learn which to use on your system. I do it the old fashion way, each separate one, whether in registry or other places.

    I suspect some configuration issue or conflict.

    Would you mind posting a Belarc report about your system, if the mods here don't mind and you don't? But take out user name and network info, and any other personally identifier info.

    Just the list of applications, including all security, and include the free ones you use on demand. The free SUPERAntiSpyware installs a driver that starts with the OS. I haven't had a problem with it, but there may be some other program someone here may recognize as problematic.

    Have you searched a Firefox or browser forum?
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