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    An analysis about CDs on which millions of email-addresses (in this case addresses from The Netherlands and Belgium):

    A spamvertized CD with e-mailaddresses


    In the first half of 2003 two particular spamruns attracted my attention - this incidentally coincided with the start of the non-profit anti-spam foundation ("") by several people, including myself. These runs were spamvertizing two sets of CD's with millions of Dutch and Belgian addresses. I happened to be able to get one of these CD's. So, here's my analysis, with numbers and notes.

    - end quote -

    Read more at this site in English:

    The Dutch magazine "PC-Active" has an article about it in its March-issue.

    On the the following site of "PC-Active" you can check whether your email-addy is on one of those CDs.
    The site is in Dutch.
    You can type your email-address in the field and click on "Zoek".

    I tried it, and yes I was on one of those CDs according to that site.
    A message in red color in Dutch comes up :
    "Dit e-mailadres staat op de spam-cd's".
    In English this means (translation by me):
    "This email-address is listed on the SPAM CDs".
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