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    I know it's not "hardware' as such but it is ...sort of... :)
    Just an FYI:
    I treated myself to Santa bought me a Sonya55 for christmas :D

    I am only a bit more than beginner photographer, this is a nice piece of kit.
    Uses an 'older' technology: the pellicle mirror; so technically not actually a (D)SLR, as the mirror doesn't actually move.
    Applies the pellicle tech with some really nice features: panorama, low light shooting...
    Able to use many of Sony/Konica/Minolta lenses.

    End result is:
    - very fast and accurate auto focus in stills and video.
    - Able to take 10 fps !!! which is unusual for a camera at this price point.

    Not "perfect"..some tricky issues re viewfinder going blank in high speed continuous mode and only able to get 9 minutes of video with image stabiliser on, no real manual control in video mode, battery life not spectacular ...not real issues with me so far.

    Nice reviews here and there:
    FWIW: I am really enjoying this camera.
    Still finding all the features ...
    LOL: just the usual issue of what to do now with thousands of photos and the vid clips.
    Prolly not the best available for any serious photographers, but good for me: so many 'auto' functions with great results.

    After the Sony DRM rootkit fiasco, I promised myself I would never buy another Sony product, but, there you go...pragmatism. :shifty:
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