Something for all the peeps having problems with their Internet Connection...

Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security' started by DarrenDavisLeeSome, Apr 8, 2009.

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    Mar 23, 2009
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    Something for all the PPL having problems with their Internet Connection...

    After I got done installing ESS 4.0.417.0, importing my settings, and manually updating, I had some trouble getting on the Internet too.

    Using the Desktop UI (EGUI) I went to the Tools/Logs and the log entry said that a On-demand computer scan was in progress. I never started it. Having before experienced loss of Internet Access while a In-depth Scan was in progress, I searched the EGUI and could not find any other indication that On-demand other than what was in the Log.

    Another goofy thing: even though I imported my settings there were still 2 other default items in the Scheduler so I took them out.

    I ran an In-Depth Scan manually. It did show up in the Log as On-demand computer scan "In progress" like it should have. But the other entry (of the On-demand computer scan that I DID NOT START) was still there as "In progress".

    I still couldn't get Internet Access.

    Still couldn't find any indication in the UI that there was another scan going on other than in the Log. Computer Scan in the Desktop UI wasn't showing anything other than the scan I started.

    I let the manually started In-depth compter scan do it's thing. When it was done it showed up as completed in the Log like it was supposed to. But, again, the On-demand computer scan that I DID NOT START was still in the Log as "In progress".

    Still, I could not access the Internet.

    So, I deleted the entry of the On-demand computer scan out of the Log.

    Rebooted ( the Application popup).

    And, for some strange reason, I got my Internet connection back.

    Hope this helps somebody.....
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