Some inconsistent behavior!? Sorry this is a long post.

Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security v3 Beta Forum' started by Tsoilihoi, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. Tsoilihoi

    Tsoilihoi Registered Member

    Aug 13, 2007
    Van Nuys, CA
    I have begun to notice some inconsistent behavior... with turning on and returning the program to defaults.

    In three areas.

    1. strange behavior between two programs. Seems unrelated to the antivirus or firewall. However, I have never had this behavior before installing Smart Security. I have never had a stick note so tied to the state of a Microsoft Word document.

    2. When all is turned off, upon reboot a variety of different layers of the three modules are back on.

    3. Inconsistent and unpredicatible results when clicking default.
    a. Can't really tell what it is acting on.
    b. The revert all is particularly confusing and irratic.


    A sticky note (stickynote 8.1) with the words 'netsh winsock reset'... could not be hidden, (sent to a stickynote holding area,) as long as Word 2003 opening blank document was open. It disappeared only to reappear moments later. When the default first document was closed then the note on its own, closed. And only this note, not another created before or after. A possiblity was that the antivirus or firewall was not happy with something written on the note. The note program has the potential to link docs or sent messages on a network... Perhaps it was corrupted!?

    So I turned off the firewall and real time scanners. I turned off everything that I could. In the end it seemed to be a problem with "that" note and word and seems unrelated to the antivirus program....


    Having turned of most all functions in addition to the spam module which has been off the the past few days, I rebooted. The real time scanner turned back on as did the firewall on reboot. And only certain items within each layer of the antivirus settings tree turned on. And it was hard to figure out which and why. So I had to go down the settings tree and click on each level. The spam module stayed off.

    Now in trying to turn things back on, sometimes clicking default (revert all settings) turned everything on in that module, but as often as not, everything turned on including the spam engine module that has been off for some days.

    So it is very unpredictable if default pertains to the page viewed, the whole module or everything. This unpredictability is more demonstrated by the fact that some pages affect other pages, the whole module or all modules.
    Seems to me the the default revert option should only affect the module in question... antivirus, firewall, spam; that each page might have a default button for that page, but that perhaps only the main page of each of the 3 modules have the revert option.

    My first post detailed how it was unclear sometimes if a module was on or off till one got out of the setup all together, back to the desktop and then re-entered.

    One other thing. Perhaps the access for the service tree should be the 4th item in the setup dialog... like so...

    . antivirus
    . firewall
    . spam
    . all settings tree (advanced)

    It could then be in the advanced settup view as well as the easy, allbeit in a different window area.

    Anywho that's my take.

  2. Marcos

    Marcos Eset Staff Account

    Nov 22, 2002
    The beta intentionally doesn't retain any of the modules disabled after a reboot. The purpose of a beta is to test its functionality and not to take advantage of one or two particular modules. Of course, the final version will enable you to choose the modules you want to install and they will remember their state after a reboot.
  3. trjam

    trjam Registered Member

    Aug 18, 2006
    North Carolina USA
    This informatiom might have been very helpful awhile back. It does help explain some things for me, but it really doesnt matter anymore.
  4. rothko

    rothko Registered Member

    Jan 12, 2005
    really doesnt matter :D
  5. ASpace

    ASpace Guest

    until the avatar changes ;) :D
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