So making that large guide/tutorial for the average person.

Discussion in 'privacy problems' started by HopelesslyFaithful, Jul 12, 2014.

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    Nov 14, 2012
    So I haven't had time to create a total guide for this and last time I was looking into this there wasn't one but a bunch of guides for each little piece and trying to find a guide or source for everything wasn't easy for the average techie let alone the average person. So my mom has a patient with muscular dystrophy who I guess is extremely smart guy who is good with computers, which is amazing considering the only thing he can move is his thumbs. I was thinking of seeing if he wanted to help me make the guide and I could pay him a few hundred bucks for his help. I was wondering if anyone wanted to help chip in and help the guy in either finding guides and useful privacy stuff or pay him a little cash to help him and his family out (considering his medical crap is pretty sad). I plan on helping him since the task is pretty large…partly why I haven't had time. I haven't even really implemented any anonymity crap yet that actually provides much security/privacy…just the basics. I have read a bunch of stuff but the topic is huge, which is really sad because it means majority of the populace is screwed, which is why I wanted to try to make ti easier for even the average person. The most recent news about xscore makes it even more paramount to be able to go full dark in a sense. Just googling TOR/tails gets you on the list…wtf?
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