SnapDeploy PXE and DHCP on different subnets

Discussion in 'Other Acronis Products' started by akonrad, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. akonrad

    akonrad Registered Member

    Sep 13, 2007

    I am faced the following problem.
    I want my bare metal systems to boot via PXE into SD 2.0.2141 but get different errors while trying various configurations.
    System configuration
    SnapDeploy Server:
    W2K3 SP2; all SnapDeploy components installed
    1 Broadcom NIC (192.168.X.X /24 -->"Deployment"-LAN)
    1 Intel NIC (10.12.X.X /24 -->"Inhouse"-LAN)
    Microsoft DHCP-Relay-Agent installed to route DHCP-packets from Deployment-LAN to Inhouse-LAN where the DHCP-Server is configured.

    DHCP-Server (10.12.X.X)
    Scope 192.168.X.X with options 66 (hostname startserver = 192.168.X.X) and 67 (name of startfile = bootwiz.sys) configured.

    Bare metal systems get an correct IP
    Message: Acronis Loader startet (or similar)
    Message: Download bootwiz.cfg... (twice)
    Abort with Message: No configuration file found

    I did a network trace to analyse the problem.
    Results: everything seems fine...
    1. DHCP discover, offer, request, ack... ok!
    TFTP Filetransfer bootwiz.sys... ok!

    !!! TFTP: Read Request; file:bootwiz.cfg... destination not reachable
    reason: now the bare metal system tries to open a tftp-connection to the dhcp-server (10.12.X.X) and not to the pxe-server (192.168.X.X) as it did while downloading the bootwiz.sys!

    I wonder why there is a change in destination IP?!

    I also tried to install a DHCP-Server on the SnapDeploy-Server but it didn't work. Obviously this behaviour is by design as I read in another thread.

    Any suggestions, experiences?

    Kind Regards,
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