SnapDeploy Licensing Issues

Discussion in 'Other Acronis Products' started by dfrandin, Jul 21, 2009.

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    Jul 21, 2009
    In Feb of this year we bought 50 licenses of Acronis SnapDeploy for PC version 3 to replace our aging Ghost imaging software, with the expectation of buying more when needed. My manager requires me to track each license as to which machine/MAC address they are tied to. I set up a spreadsheet to do this and after several months of imaging our systems, I noticed that our used license count, while scanning the license manager tool on the SD server, was showing a larger number of licenses than the spreadsheet shows. I submitted a ticket to Acronis, explaining the issue. They replied with a request to run a command line license auditing tool, which agreed with what the license manager on the server said, but did not agree with our count.. There are two people who do imaging at our site, and we both log all imaging runs. At the current time, we show 25 licenses used, and the license manager and audit tool shows 32. Our presales check out of the product assured us that once a machine has been imaged with SD, any further re-images of it will not take another license. If I count the number of re-images we've done of systems already taking a license plus the newly imaged systems, the count comes out almost right on what their tools claim. I've spent several hours troubleshooting this with Acronis support, and have recently seen a case where the audit tool is reporting a license taken by a MAC address that doesn't exist on our network, according to our NewBoundary/PrismSuite management console... Plus we have several cases of new systems being imaged, with no indication of their MAC address in the license audit tool output... We love SnapDeploy's imaging functionality, but as far as we can tell, their licensing mechanism has some severe issues.. I'm posting this on the forum, as I'm getting the runaround from Acronis support, and I wanted to see if this is a known issue with the product, as Acronis support would never admit it if it were...

    Thanks in advance,
    Dave Frandin
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