Snap Deploy3 & Universal Deploy BSOD

Discussion in 'Other Acronis Products' started by jcpb72, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. jcpb72

    jcpb72 Registered Member

    Mar 15, 2009
    Hi Guys,

    I know there's a lot of people complaining about the Uni Deploy feature on Snap Deploy 3 not living up to expectations.

    Is there anybody who has had any success??

    Here is my story:

    Acronis SnapDeploy 3.0.3183 & UniDeploy 3.0.3235 - Latest and Greatest

    1) Image created on VMWare Workstation 6.5 - Host: Laptop IBM Thinkpad T42P, minimum drivers.

    2) Win XP Pro SP3 full Win updates - Image stored Locally on Deploy Server

    3) Multicast to Compaq Armada E500 P3 500Mhz - Dissimilar VERY OLD TEST Hardware - Windows shouldn't have a problem with the drivers.

    4) Network Driver Repository - \\ServerName\Drivers - Downloaded all the DriverPacks i could find extracted the files to the share, kept the .INI and D folder structure intack.

    Does there have to be a .INF index file pointing to all the different Sub-Folders of the DriversPacks D folder or is UniDeploy smart enough to drill down through the folders to find the Individual .INF file within the Driver sub-folders

    5) XP Disk in the Compaq Local DVD drive and "Search removable media for Device Drivers" in the UniDeploy options.

    The Image comes down OK.........

    I get to the UniDeploy cycle and I get the following error messages with only 1 Min & 9 Sec remaining till completion:

    "E001D0194: Device driver '**PNP0A03' for 'Microsoft Windows XP Professional' is not found

    Driver for the device is not found neither in Operating System nor among additionally specified drivers. Please specify other location."

    Then i get a string of these error messages listed below same as the above just the '**PNPxxxx' number changes:

    1) **PNP0A03
    2) **PNP0C0E
    3) **PNP0A06
    4) **PNP0C02
    5) **PNP0C01
    6) **PNP0C04

    And 3 Options Buttons, [IGNORE] [IGNORE ALL] [CANCEL]

    If i IGNORE ALL the machine shutdown and when i reboot, got the Blue Screen of Death

    Googled "**PNP0A03 device driver", not very clear results come up to resolve the errors.

    Would appreciate any help.
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  2. jcpb72

    jcpb72 Registered Member

    Mar 15, 2009
    Just an Update on the UniDeploy Issue.....Spoke to Acronis Tech Support.

    They thought it was my Driver repository causing the issue.....Drivers not being read & installed

    When I explained that TrueImage with Uni-Restore and the repository worked "OK"....

    But SnapDeploy with Uni-Deploy with the same repository gets a BSOD.....they conceded to letting me have the Beta release below.


    1) You will need to have a Maintenance Tech Support Account, in order get the Latest Download Fix from Acronis Support.

    2) The Download Version you will need is:

    a) SnapDeploy or Later
    b) UniDeploy or Later

    These are Beta testing versions, and still a little buggy, but at least the Uni-Deploy has been fixed.

    Tech Support mentioned the final release will be ready for download in 1st or 2nd week of April.....Fingers Crossed.

    To eliminate all possibilities of error, I re-imaged the OS on my Deploy Server, Installed the freshly downloaded v.3280 software.

    Bada Bing Bada Bang,

    Job done...

    Bugs encountered:

    1) In my “OPTIONS” settings I have target computer to reboot after deployment, it didn’t reboot because it was stuck on those error messages still, refer to my previous post above.

    2) Once I chose to [Ignore] the multiple (12) errors, or [Ignore All] or [Cancel], the target Computer Shuts Down, even when I didn't select that option.

    On re-booting the Target PC, it went into the SID changing script and seems to run OK, except for those few Errors and the PC not rebooting after the Deployment, everything works fine.

    So no more BSOD

    Hope this Helps.


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