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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by backupnotification, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. backupnotification

    backupnotification Registered Member

    Jun 26, 2008
    Hi everyone. I've seen a lot of discussing about problems with ATI's email notification option here but no one matches my problem:

    It's not possible to send notification mails via external SMTP-servers on the internet. But when we had situations with a local (linux) mailserver in the LAN which was used to send the ATI notification mails, anything went fine.

    The problem occurs on every build-release of ATI 10 and 11.

    We have checked the following points on different workstations to be sure it's not a network or software issue:

    - login-data for SMTP is correct
    - testing the SMTP-settings with outlook from the same workstation works fine
    - telnet and ping to the SMTP-server works fine
    - a networktraffic analysis after pressing the "send test mail" button using wireshark showed the following:

    1. DNS-request hostname -> DNS-server from our internet provider
    2. correct DNS-reply from the DNS-server to our workstation, providing the IP-address of the hostname
    3. nothing else happens!!

    The same with Outlook Express (so it's just another SMTP client), sending a simple e-mail:
    1. 1. DNS-request hostname -> DNS-server from our internet provider
    2. correct DNS-reply from the DNS-server to our workstation, providing the IP-address
    3. SMTP request and reply between our workstation / outlook and the mailserver from our provider - anything fine, email arrived few seconds later.

    We also tried to use some major German external mailservers from or, even Acronis' test-SMTP-server (provided by ATI's support) - but the problem remained exactly the same.

    So my conclusion is the following :

    this must defenitely be a software problem in ATI's SMTP-module because it doesn't send a SMTP-request after it's gotten the IP of the SMTP-host.

    @ Acronis support : I already have a German support ticket Nr. #1543681 but the info provided yet does not seem to be a deeply packet- or software modul inspection. I've done all the first-level-support-stuff yet like username-syntaxes or checking network-issues.

    Does anyone (especially ATI's software development engineers) know a switch or button I have to turn or press to get external SMTP-notification to work?

    Thank you.
  2. stevewa

    stevewa Registered Member

    Jan 22, 2008
    are you having the error when you setup a scheduled task, and you are in the options page of the wizard, and you fill in the data and click the button to "send test email message" ?

    I got the error "Cannot send test e-mail. The possible reason might be incorrect e-mail settings."

    So I read the help file, and made a change in the "additional e-mail parameters" link.

    On that page, in the FROM field, I had typed "Acronis True Image Server". I removed that and left it blank.

    Then I tested it again, and this time it sent the email.

    I guess it was expecting the FROM field to be an actual email address, even though on the intial setting page it asks you for your username and password.

    So you might want to try that and see if you get any farther. good luck.

    UPDATE: I tested something else in the FROM field. If you put your email address first in arrow brackets and then your FROM name, i.e. <> Acronis True Image Echo Server that let the email be sent properly. SO now I can have cake and eat it too. good luck again
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2008
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