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Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by gunther, Jun 12, 2008.

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  1. gunther

    gunther Registered Member

    Jun 12, 2008
    Ever since installing Spyware Blaster V4.0 & and now V4.1 updating and installing new protection updates have taken extremely long. It uses 100% of cpu time. V4.1 is a little quicker, but not like it use to be with the older versions. I'm using 2 different machines with the same result. Anybody else having this problem?

  2. javacool

    javacool BrightFort Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002

    What version of Windows are you running on each machine?
    And what other security/privacy software do you have installed? (Such as anti-virus, anti-trojan, other anti-spyware, firewall, cleaning tools, etc.)

    SpywareBlaster verifies the integrity of update files while downloading them, to help ensure nothing gets corrupted during updates. This can cause a small delay in the updating process, but should be basically unnoticeable on most computers.

    EDIT: Also, which part of the updating process is slowed down the most?
    * Actually downloading the updates (where the green progress bar fills in from 0 to 100%)
    * Between update file downloads
    * At the end where SpywareBlaster verifies and loads the database

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