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    What the hell have Skype done this time :confused: A Few weeks ago everyone I had on My Facebook list, was visible on My Skype list, now they've vanished completely, and I get navigated to a Connect to Skype link via Skype only to find out those that don't use Skype are no longer available to contact, only a couple who have both Skype and Facebook are :rolleyes:

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    I've completely dumped skype. Microsoft disabled all the old clients that worked and the newer Windows and Android versions are bloated and buggy. I've had contacts messed up and phone calls go straight to voice mail without ringing. I was a paying customer with a Skype out subscription and and a Skype in number.

    I went to Google Voice and Google Hangouts and get the same service for free. I also discovered SIP based VOIP services which cost half of what Skype does once you get beyond the Google search results spammed by big providers like Vonage. SIP is to VOIP what OpenVPN is to VPN tunnels, a common protocol that works with a large variety of software and devices. Get a trunk line SIP account with a reliable provider and you will never miss Skype. Google hangouts can provide you with video calls that are better quality if that is what you use Skype for. I was using it as an alternative to expensive cel phone plans and between Google Voice and a SIP provider, I have much better service for much less than I was paying Skype.
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