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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by tanstaafl, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. tanstaafl

    tanstaafl Registered Member

    Apr 8, 2005
    Hello ESET,

    First, please don't take this the wrong way - I LOVE NOD32, and would never think of using anything else, either on my home systems, or for our Company.

    That said, I have a beef...

    Why, oh why does your Enterprise Management have to be so complicated?

    We updated from Symantec Enterprise, and one thing they had WAY over you guys is there brain-dead simple way of rolling out the Clients, Updating the Client Configs, and initiating/managing Client scans, etc.

    This whole thing with NOD32 and 'Packages' and 'Profiles', and 'NIPs' - it is driving me crazy...

    With Symantec, it was point and click... I wanted to push an install to a new Client - point-n-click. Make a change to a Group of Clients, or All Clients - point-n-clikc - edit - done.

    I want to take this opportunity to BEG the guys at ESET to rethink the way this is all done, and make it easier to manage. Please, lose the whole idea of NIPs and Packages, and just add the ability to push installs and changes directly to the Clients.

    Anyway, my apologies for the rant, I just went through another painful process of making some profile changes, and pushing a few ne installs out, and wanted to voice my frustrations.

    Best regards,

    Charles Marcus
    I.T. Director
    Media Brokers International

    An otherwise very happy user with a 50 seat Enterprise License
  2. anotherjack

    anotherjack Registered Member

    Jun 13, 2003

    I agree that the NOD RA Console can seem a bit "kludgy" as well, but I have never (and never plan to) use the "push" installation of clients. We batch install ours via command line, piping in a specific XML file during the process. This allows us to configure a machine for any of our 23 locations/servers, with their individual server settings, etc. So far, it's worked well. Have you considered trying to do it that way? As to the configurations, I keep a boilerplate XML file that I use for changing client configurations if necessary, as well as a specific XML that I use for scanning clients from the RA console. Really cuts down on the amount of clicking for day-to-day maintenance and administration.

    My main beef about the RA console is the inability to easily delete duplicate entries. A new IP address (via DHCP or VPN connection) or renamed machine will generate a new entry that never goes away until it's manually removed. No big problem with a smaller number of licenses, but we run NOD on ~3500 machines...

    Other than that, I've got a few entries in the "wish list" thread...

  3. duijv023

    duijv023 Registered Member

    Feb 16, 2006
    Rijnsburg, Netherlands
    I must agree with Anotherjack!

    I used SAVCE and was always quiet happy with it. Except for the pushing of clients :mad: !
    Always errors about usernames for administrator access and so on. Often we were forced to install the SAVCE clients from the shared VPHOME.
    And now... after configuring one or more XML's the installation from a commandline is really "peanuts". Besides that: With Windows XP you had to configure the Windows Firewall manually or else no communication with the antivirus server :cautious:

    BUT (yeah-there always is a "but" :D )
    What I did like in SAVCE were the "blocked" options in managed clients:) .
    At this point NOD only has password protection. Personally I would like to see that feature in NOD v3!

    I'm quit new with NOD enterprise (two installations, of which one is in a testsite) so I don't have lots of experience yet, but I cannot agree with tanstaafl! Futher on: the RAS console offers MUCH more options than Symantec SSC!

    Greetings from Holland
  4. YeOldeStonecat

    YeOldeStonecat Registered Member

    Apr 25, 2005
    Along the Shorelines somewhere in New England
    Been a SAV reseller/VAR since around version 5...with probably over 50 under my belt, started reselling NOD32 Enterprise Edition around 2 years ago...probably over 20 installs under my belt now.

    Yeah..bit more of a learning curve...I'll admit SAV wins in ease of install, and how intuitive their MMC is. But I think once you get used to it, you'll find it quite a bit more powerful, and you start flying along quite easily.

    Personally I got sick and tired of the install corruptions with SAV...the hours spent manually cleaning out workstations to attempt to reinstall. I've yet to see NOD hose over a network push.

    And, as my clients SAV licenses expire and I replace with NOD...pretty much every upgrade I've done, NOD starts finding stuff within minutes that SAV never saw.
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