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Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by HandItOver, Aug 8, 2004.

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  1. HandItOver

    HandItOver Guest

    The people here must have some serious stuff going on to need all this privacy and protection. CIA, International Security, what is it?

    What do guys have on your computer that someone wants?
  2. ronjor

    ronjor Global Moderator

    Jul 21, 2003
    Relax. It's a hobby.
  3. bigc73542

    bigc73542 Retired Moderator

    Sep 21, 2003
    SW. Oklahoma
    Just personal information. And we don't want anyone else accessing our computers and possibly useing it in a denial of service attack. Among other things. And it is fun beating the bad guys. ;)
  4. ComeGetIt

    ComeGetIt Guest

    I'm hiding index.dat files. Explain to me why and I'll be your best friend ;)
  5. dangitall

    dangitall Registered Member

    Feb 23, 2004
    New Hamster, USA
    Oh, I dunno - email and physical addresses, banking and credit card information, personal correspondence, membership rosters and the like. This information belongs to me, not some jerk of a cracker/thief. Therefor, I take various steps to protect that information.

    As far as ad- and spyware goes, I'm the person paying for my surfing access, not the scumbags who create this stuff. I choose to surf without being bothered by these things and, until they can be stopped at the ISP level, it falls upon me to run prophylactic programs.
  6. FanJ

    FanJ Guest

    Because we try to not hand over it to a not-so-nice-person :rolleyes:
    Just like we don't do with our wallet...
  7. FanJ

    FanJ Guest

    I'm hiding my feet. Explain to me why and you will not be my best friend.
  8. Tassie_Devils

    Tassie_Devils Global Moderator

    May 8, 2002
    State Queensland, Australia
    If HandItOver was *Yahoo Serious* with his question, fine! :D
    If he was just trolling, that's fine also. :doubt: [I like fishing].

    So in that context I will answer. ;)

    Relate for one second your PC to your house/home/apartment/whatever, but you did not lock the door.

    You are home, relaxing, drink in hand, watching TV.

    The door opens, in walks a complete stranger, carrying nothing but a notebook and pen.

    He/she says nothing, he does not even acknowledge it's *your* place, he simply ignores you and walks around, taking notes.

    He/she opens your cupboard doors, takes notes.

    He/she opens your most personal documents/files in your desk, takes notes.

    Then he/she leaves.

    And he/she was the "nice baddie", did no damage, no physcial harm to you, just took notes and left. He/she would still face charges be it home/car they poked through.

    That's why we are doing it. Same thing, personal invasion of privacy. Pure and simple.

    TAS :cool:
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