Seeking to write an updated "malvertising" blog post next month!

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    Jun 2, 2008
    Hi Wilder's peeps!

    Wow - this site has uber info on malware = I could literally be glued here for days on end!

    I blog a lot on Internet security and I've noticed that malvertising is heating up lately. It's not like the old days anymore - when you could ctrl-alt-del and shut the browser process down. Just last week (in Chrome) I was browsing a UK news aggregator and before I could even click on an Ubergizmo link, I was whisked away (via at least 3 redirects) to a page with a pop-up directing me to call an 888 number because my computer was "infected". I did call the number (because that is going to become another blog post) and recorded our conversation = I've put it on YouTube but have not written the blog post yet (that's coming out soon I hope!)

    Anyway, back to malvertising = you can't find the "ad" again (once the ad redirects you) and this malvertisement targeted me by IP address/Geo location (I noted that my browser and IP data was included on the final landing destination page).

    These miscreants earn approx. $25K a day, and it might be more now (since I wrote this malvertising post over on Dell Tech One). These creeps are stealth - They keep "good ads" up on high-profile sites (sometimes for months) while making visitors to the site think they are "trusted ads".

    Does anyone have 2014 malvertising statistics? = I would love to write another malvertising blog to update this one.

    Of course I will credit this forum :)

    Thanks all!