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Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by Squeak, May 27, 2004.

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  1. Squeak

    Squeak Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    I wasn't sure if this was the correct place to write down my problem.

    I have downloaded a lot of programs to ensure some measure of privacy and security whilst surfing the net.

    The latest piece of software was Bugnosis. It required the simultaneous download of MSXML3 and Unicode Installation Pack. After I downloaded this I started having problems with my computer. Trying to open anything up like System would generate an IE error and the computer would go into active desktop mode. I resolved this eventually with updated bugnosis files.

    However I've noticed that using the net now is very frustrating. A lot of the time I can't download the site and have to press Refresh a few times. When the site does load the page is messed up - it appears to me that framing is all wrong.

    What software do I have : ( A lot )

    AVG antivirus
    Spyware Guard
    Spyware Blaster
    Zone Alarm
    IE spyad
    Hosts files

    I uninstalled Bugnosis. Unfortunately no change.
    I tried putting sites into my trusted zone and switching Proxomitron off to see if any difference. Result - pictures loaded but still appears to be framing issue. In other words instead of having one index page with all links on one screen I now have to scroll down several page lengths to see everything.
    Proxomitron : settings are as follows-
    Banner Blaster - limit text
    Un-prefix URLs
    Onunload Unloader
    Kill Pop-up Windows
    Restore pop-ups after page loads
    Force pop-ups to have browser control
    Link De-Obfuscator
    Suppress all Java script errors
    Stop browser window resizing
    Kill anti-cache meta tags.

    Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. charlesvar

    charlesvar Guest

    If you're running WinME or XP, an option is to use System Restore to restore the system prior to the Bugnosis install. Be aware that SR protects more than the OS and you will find that any other software install after that "clean" Restore Point is gone.

    As a general rule, SR will leave alone such things as .txt - .jpg - pdf - cookies and the contents of My Documents (any file type). So if you definately want to save any files from the "present", move it to My Documents. This, however is impractical with installed software.

    Regards - Charles
  3. Ruffian

    Ruffian Guest

    Looks to me the fault of proxomitron.
  4. charlesvar

    charlesvar Guest

    Easy enough to test. Proxomitron can be bypassed - option in the proxo control panel, or diabled via Internet Options Connections tab. Uncheck the use proxy option. Don't remember the exact wording - not on XP at the moment where I run Proxo.

    Regards - Charles
  5. Squeak

    Squeak Guest

    Previously I had bypassed Proxo to see if there was any difference and none was detected. This time from advice here I not only bypassed it but also removed the 'use proxy server'. And it worked!
    Webpages started working properly but started getting everything from moving ads, popups etc. When I first load a page its okay. But if I have to refresh or go back then the page is messed up.

    The question is do I need to get rid of Proxo? When I tried experimenting with its settings and also bypassing it , it didn't make a difference. But I've had proxo for a long time without any such problems. Any advice or settings I should not use?

    Anyway Thanks for the advice so far. I ,at least, know that Proxo is the problem.
  6. charlesvar

    charlesvar Guest

    Hello Squeak,

    The problem is still Bugnosis, that despsite having been deleted, changed IE in some manner that uninstalling didn't get rid of. I don't have any experience with Bugnosis so can't even begin to tell you in what manner it changed IE.

    Things to try in the order of easiest to hardest:

    Go thru IE's settings and see if you can spot something not quite right or different. Do you have a BHO running that you know nothing about, for instance? and get rid of - MSXML3 and Unicode Installation Pack - and anything else you downloaded for Bugnosis.

    Using SR to go back to a pre-Bugnosis system state if that's feasible. Keep in mind the caveats I mentioned.

    Doing a repair of IE (IE6 only) - should be the last resort.

    A good Idea anyway, would be for you to be at least aware of Proxo forums: Proxo forums hosted by Scott Lemon the author of proxo under "Proxomitron General"

    Regards - Charles
  7. Ruffian

    Ruffian Guest

    Bugnosis is crap. I don't recommend using it.
  8. Squeak

    Squeak Guest

    I did a search on MSXML on the Search:files and folders on the date it was downloaded. When I pressed on one of the files in question - one click not two - in order to see where it was ( it turns blue when it's clicked once) the system froze and a message came up saying : Explorer.Exe has generated errors and will be closed.
    This even happens when I search for files created on that day! It seems to me that the MSXML files are corrupted but is it possible to get rid of it from windows without system restore? Or is it possible to fix using windows or any external program?

    Many thanks in advance.

    (On a side note for interest, results of using bugnosis showed that most websites don't have bugs present. )
  9. Riverwind

    Riverwind Guest

    Of course, this only rules out web-bugs of the very basic type detected by bugnosis.
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