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Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by JayK, Jan 1, 2003.

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  1. JayK

    JayK Poster

    Dec 27, 2002
    This took me a long time to compile, but here are a list of privacy and security functions that most people use. Obviously, there will be a lot of overlap since many software do a lot of functions, so feel free to list more than 1 in each category, or just list the main software that carries out the function if you desire.

    I'm also curious how many of such privacy,security software are memory resident. I've follow up this post with my answers later.

    3)Spyware/Adware control
    4)Registry Monitor
    5)Startup Monitor
    6)Application/processes Monitor
    7)Script control
    :cool:Web-browsing sandbox
    9)Popup killer
    10)Banner replacement
    11)Homepage Guard
    12)IE clean
    13)MRU and tracks cleaning
    14)Secure eraser
    15)Browser and refferer blocking
    16)Web-bugs filter (prefix)
    17)Cookie Manager
    1:cool:Ip Hiding
    20)Outward bounds protection
    21)Encrpyion file
    22)Email encrpytion
    23)Password Manager
    24)Spam filtering


    I'll be very suprised if there are people who don't use this. I'm more curious about whether there are people who only run this on demand.
    Eg AVG,Norton,KAV


    How many people run a dedicated Antitrojan? I read some like KAV outperform most Anti-trojans. Include TDS's wormguard but excludes programs that just monitor registry.

    Eg TDS,BOclean,Trojanhunter,Ants

    3)Spyware/Adware control

    Since Adaware, this has come into the limelight. Includes detection of keyloggers,Homepage hijacker,dialers etc. Probably applications that list BHOs and Hijackthis! are also included here.

    Since I wrote this, vendors began to tout specialised anti-keylogger programs (like spycop), and claim that genric scanners like Ad-aware and spybot detect more adware type products than spyware (eg keyloggers)

    Eg Adaware,Spybot,Pest Patrol,Xcleaner,Spywareblaster,Aluria Spyware Eliminator

    4)Registry Monitor

    Applications that actively monitor changes to registry. Probably overlaps a little with
    antiviruses and anti-trojans that monitor suspicious behaviour to registry and/or application monitors (see 6). Probably excludes startup managers that monitor only some registry keys.

    Eg Registryprot by DiamondCS

    5)Startup Monitor

    Programs that actively monitor (or make it easy to control) programs that try to make themselves autorun. The best ones look at not only registry but startup folders, services and various system files like win.ini,autoexec.bat etc...These might tip you off to a trojan, but I suppose you can live without this.

    Eg Mikelin's Startup Monitor, StartupCop, Winpatrol,PCForrest's StartMan

    6)Application/processes Monitor/controls

    Programs that actively warn the user when a process is run on the computer. User is able to set permissions and the more sophiscated ones can even control the things allowed by each process (eg registry modification,accesses to specific files,shutdown). Very comphrensive but rare, if you use this you are pretty much covered in several other categories

    Eg Abtrusion protection, Fredrick, Tiny Trojan Trap,Sysafe Monitor, some firewalls??

    7)Script control

    Most common are programs that associate themselves with known dangerous scripts like JS,VBS,JSE,SHS,WSH etc and warns users when they are being excuted on your computer. They usually can tell you what actions such scripts will do. Also include simple toggle on/off programs for such files. As usual antiviruses or anti-trojans might cover this too.

    Eg Script Sentry, Scriptrap, Script defender

    :cool:Web-browsing sandbox

    Those in the above category generally cannot protect you from Java,javascript and activex run through a browser. But those in this category can, though not with 100% success.

    Besides sandboxing/filtering,Some people may use IE spyad, that puts known "bad guy" sites into restricted zones. Or spywareblaster that kills evil activex..from even downloading stuff. Or various HTTP proxies that allow you to set rules to look out for certain "bad" scripts.(Example spawn a infinite popups)

    Eg. Finjian surfing guard, Tiny Trojan Trap, Esafe Pcilian Webtrap

    9)Popup killer

    Intellgent popups can tell the difference between user initated popups and forced popups. Some allow blacklists and whitelists to be maintained. Advertisers have fought back against popup killers and Ad replacement software using various methods, and recently Messanger Spam has become popular.

    Eg POW,Zeropopups,Surf in peace

    10)Banner replacement/killing/content filtering

    Lots of ways to do this, anything from host files to pac files. But generally this is done through a HTTP proxy that recognises and replaces images of a given size with a transparent gif .Others use various rules (thirdparty images,various image maps) to decide if an image is a ad or not.Like for popup killers , you can use a white/black list for some.

    Eg Adsubstract, Webwasher, Internet Junkbuster,Adshield

    11)Homepage Guard

    Just thought I'll stick this in.Prevents your homepage will being hijacked/

    Eg Startpage guard,Guard IE

    12)IE clean

    This overlaps with the secure eraser category, but there are a lot of programs designed just to remove browser tracks. The index.dat is particularly hard to kill.

    Eg Windows washer,Internet Sweeper, IEwiper,Spider,IEclean,

    13)MRU and tracks cleaning

    Windows and some applications (eg Microsoft word) keep a list of the files accessed.
    There are now many programs that clear most recent used lists. IDblaster - randomises ID numbers placed by Microsoft products.

    Eg MRUblaster,spybot,Xcleaner,IDblaster

    14)Secure eraser

    Prevents programs from recovering erased files. Some can clear swap files (altough Win2k can do this on startup) , others can clean unused space for greater security.

    Eg Eraser,Bcwipe, Scorch

    15)Browser and refferer blocking

    Blocks the reffer and useragent header to prevent sites from gaining info on you.
    Might also stop other headers that might compromise your security.

    Eg Proxomitron and various HTTP filters

    16)Web-bugs,counters filter (prefix)

    Small usually 1x1 pixel images that are used to track you. Also found in HTML mail. Some email clients like pocomail,The Bat! have builtin html viewers that prevent this, or do not download remote images. Some sites also track the links you click on usually you can tell when there's a ? in front of the link.

    Eg Most HTTP filters

    17)Cookie Manager

    The more I learn about the cookies the less threatening they seem to me. Moreover with the built in cookie management tools which can filter on a per site basis and block third party cookies/ persistant cookies in IE 6 and other browsers, probably you don't need a third party software to do this. Still if you like advanced features like force converting a cookie into a session cookie (or changing the expiry date), block JS from targetting cookies , or stop cookies from being altered, you might want to try them.

    Eg Cookiewall,Cookiepal,Cookiecop

    1:cool:Ip and annymous tools

    Anything you use to prevent your real IP from showing in web-browsing or for anything else for matter.Some manage a database of annymous IP for websurfing (a4proxy,Multiproxy) others might use socksproxies for use with other applications other than internet browsers. Similar tools exist for annoymous newsgroup posting and emailing.

    Eg A4proxy,Mproxy


    Firewalls are used generally to prevent hackers from getting in, or
    malware from phoning out (outwards bounds protection) IDS are even more sophiscated software that not only stop unwanted incoming connections but also have a list of rules
    that can detect systematic hacking attempts. The debate rages on , on whether
    "Stealth" is useful or desirable to have.

    Eg Zone alarm, Kerio,Outpost ,Sysgate

    20)Outward bounds protection

    Sometimes despite the efforts of software in the above categories, malware still gets in. If they trick you into running (despite application controls) they may "phone home". Firewalls are the first line of defence to preventing unauthorised processes from getting out. Other methods are Host files. And recently I've learnt of DNSKong.

    Eg Hosts files, DNSKong.

    21)Encrpyion file

    The last line of defence. A hacker has somehow broke through your firewall (or a spyware has phoned out or maybe one of those viruses that randomly sends files) and has his hands on your senstive files. If it's encrpyed, it's still safe.

    Eg Scramdisk,Drivecrypt

    22)Email encryption

    Eg PGP

    23)Password Manager
  2. *Ari*

    *Ari* Registered Member

    Feb 15, 2002
    Hi Jay K

    About your posting....hhmmm, no offence but I have to say....the people might answer for exact questions....,.sentences, better than these all together. But nice list you got here for sure !! Keep up your good work, is okay :)

    welcome aboard Jay K
  3. microwiz3

    microwiz3 Registered Member

    Sep 25, 2002
    Goshen, IN
    :DHi Jay K!
    Here is my list for now:

    1)Antivirus - NOD32 by Eset (love it!)
    2)Anitrojan - none special, SpyBot S&D
    3)Spyware/Adware control - Spyblocker 5.4 (used to use AdAware/AdWatch also)
    4)Registry Monitor - none
    5)Startup Monitor - Mike Lin's Startup Monitor, Startup Cop
    6)Application/processes Monitor - WinTop
    7)Script control - just controls in browsers
    :cool:Web-browsing sandbox - none
    9)Popup killer - SpyBlocker 5.4 and Mozilla
    10)Banner replacement - SpyBlocker 5.4
    11)Homepage Guard - Spybot S&D
    12)IE clean - Spybot S&D
    13)MRU and tracks cleaning - SpyBot S&D
    14)Secure eraser - SpyBot S&D
    15)Browser and refferer blocking- SpyBot S&D
    16)Web-bugs filter (prefix) - SpyBlocker 5.4
    17)Cookie Manager- Mozilla
    1:cool:Ip Hiding- Linksys Router
    19)Firewall- NAT in router and Spygate PF Pro 5.0
    20)Outward bounds protection - Sygate PF Pro 5.0
    21)Encrpyion file- none
    22)Email encrpytion- none
    23)Password Manager - none
    24)Spam filtering - just started w/SpamPal (freebie), tried PopFilter3 also but prefer SpamPal so far. Will probably try MailWasher also soon

    I don't (and have not had) a lot of problems. So far this combo seems to work for me. I do use Wall Watcher to monitor the router logs and send them to myNetWatchman and (mostly entertainment value!). See some interesting? scans in the logs. Both "puters networked and on DSL, one is on 24/7 as I have a weather station that reports every 30 mins. , so I get hit with scans a lot.
  4. Uguel707

    Uguel707 Graphic Artist

    Nov 9, 2002
    San Diego

    This is what I have added:

    1. Norton Antivirus
    2. Trojan Remover
    3. Ad-aware
    4. None
    5. "
    6. "
    7. "
    8. "
    9. Tweak XP Pro which blocks Pop ups
    10. None
    11. "
    12. "
    13. "
    14. "
    15. "
    16. Bugnosis
    17. None
    18. "
    19. Zone Alarm
    20. None
    21. "
    22. "Pop Peeper"
    23. None
    24. "

    And I go to Norton updates every Wednesday. Go to Microsoft once in a month otherwise they come to me. ;) I never use Peer to Peer programs b'cause I read on the Web that they open the gate to trojans and back orifices and all every bitsy-crawlies you do imagine. Anyway, I have so much to learn with the material I have here on my computer I'm not interested at all to get anymore softwares. ;) :D :D See You! Uguel707

    * *I forgot to say that I have Crazy Browser which works along with IE. It contains a pop-up filter and many useful options as a translation device and more tools to improve your browsing.!LulFRwGtwoQcGbfBdW6ITY0/alien.gif?dc=4675402434997064672*ONJ948wYDLj8nzqsswvJh*qQr7UO17TP2mDpJHNzH9D6RS1!7PiqXtDPOZmPcQnp!P3j2k*1f1YilBWF99UTkP6ySvl48/0guitar_1.gif?dc=4675397477150183974
  5. JayK

    JayK Poster

    Dec 27, 2002
    No problem. It very long, and I expect most of the experts here are too bored to read such a long list from a newbie who knows nothing.The categories probably mean nothing anyway. Heck, even I didn't post my own privacy/security software! :D

    Still when I first started getting interested in security, I was bewilded by the list of software (freeware and payware)
    available. After some time I realised many of them covered the same areas, so it was possible to reduce the number of software running resident unless you want double protection..

    For example, I see that many people are beginning to abandon software that merely handle cookies. In fact, I think a good browser can cover cookie management,referrer/user agent blocking/changing,popup blocking (some already do) and perhaps even Banner replacements.
  6. JayK

    JayK Poster

    Dec 27, 2002
  7. sk

    sk Registered Member

    Nov 19, 2002
    I think it's a very interesting post, JayK; maybe even more so because it is long and detailed; there's something about it that really drives home the point quite graphically of not only how much is involved in terms of time, but also potential expense just to try to keep our systems safe and secure.

    Maybe it takes something of this magnitude to make us stop and appreciate the value of great freeware programs like AdAware and SpyBot and Cookie Wall and Proxomitron and Eraser and RegCleaner and SIP, and I'm sure a lot of other programs as well. Even when you factor in the freeware products, the time alone involved in getting to learn the programs and what they can and can't do can be overwhelming for newbies and experienced folks alike. I for one would like to thank you for taking the time and making the effort to write your initial and subsequent posts. I also hope others can see the value in what you've chosen to share. Happy New Year, JayK!

  8. sk

    sk Registered Member

    Nov 19, 2002
    1. Trend Micro's On-line Housecall Virus Scanner (Yup. I'm the one you were talking about. lol. I got sick and tired of McAffee a LONG time ago; used the free version of Innoculate It and liked that; used E-Trust for a year or so after Innoculate It stopped being free; and now I use Trend Micro's free on line scan. Ooooooh...he's gonna get in trouble :eek:!! lol)
    2. Same as #1
    3. AdAware, Spybot S&D, and AdShield
    4. None
    5. RegCleaner's 'Startup' utility
    6. None currently, although I've used TaskInfo shareware in the past and really liked that program.
    7. None
    8. None
    9. AdShield
    10. Proxomitron, sometimes
    11. Same as #11
    12. None
    13. None
    14. Eraser 5.6
    15. Proxomitron, sometimes
    16. Same as #15
    17. Cookie Wall
    18. Proxomitron, sometimes
    19. None, aside from NAT 'firewall' in NetGear router
    20. None
    21. None
    22. None
    23. None
    24. Mail Washer

    NOTE: I should point out that my main 'ace in the hole' is a retail/shareware program I absolutely could not live without: Power Quest's DRIVE IMAGE 2002! That program has literally saved not only my butt, but my sanity AND all of my programs and data. Even when I have to do a 'total' reinstall, it's never a TOTAL total reinstall - it's 'only' a reinstall of the OS and some core things. But that's getting much more rare these days. I know some people like/prefer Norton Ghost, and I have no fault to find with that program either. I just started with Drive Image and it really does an awesome job. (It can be a bit quirky, but I think it's because hard drives and backing up is part art, part science. But with only a few exceptions, it's worked flawlessly for me. One word of advice: Don't put too much stock in being able to make backups to CD's; that's the one area where it pretty much bombs. I did learn that one the hard way. It completed the whole b/u with no errors. The errors didn't come until I tried to re-install what I'd backed up. It got to about 85%; and died. And kept dying no matter what I did. That time, I ended up having to do a TOTAL total backup. But then I got a 120 GB HD on sale at Best Buy for $149; I reconfigured the HD array inside my box, and I haven't looked back since. Just wanted to mention this piece of vital software to help put it all in perspective.)

    Thanks for the post, JayK. It really lays it out there.

  9. JayK

    JayK Poster

    Dec 27, 2002

    Yes, freeware products are fine, except there's always a cost in terms of energy, time on the part of the user to install a new program, run it, play around and see if it does what you want.

    ANd if it does not do what you want, it's a pain to uninstall, since most uninstallers don't uninstall cleanly, add ltems to your right click context menus, autorun without your permission and your registry is all messed up.(You can always install software to fix this but that's one more piece of junk on your computer :D)

    Ideally,I always thought that there should be a website comparing the pros and cons of various similar software.

    For popup killers there is for example.

    A HTTP proxy comparison of Proxo,Internet Junkbuster/Prixy , webwasher etc would be another nice area to explore, but who has the time to run so many similar products side by side?
  10. sk

    sk Registered Member

    Nov 19, 2002
    Hmmmmm....Paul? o_O o_O :eek: :cool: :D :D :D :D
  11. Paul Wilders

    Paul Wilders Administrator

    Jul 1, 2001
    The Netherlands
    :eek: :p


  12. sk

    sk Registered Member

    Nov 19, 2002

  13. *Ari*

    *Ari* Registered Member

    Feb 15, 2002
    I know exactly what are you bringing up ;) Still approximately 90 % of net users are "newbies". Proceed :D

  14. Acadia

    Acadia Registered Member

    Sep 8, 2002
    7)Browser, Firewall, Adshield
    11)I’ll just use GoBack if anything ever nails me
    19)Norton Internet Security 2.56
  15. My God...
    This is probably the longest, most comprehensive list I've ever seen.. Here is my stuff...

    3)Spyware/Adware control-SpyBot
    4)Registry Monitor-RegProt
    5)Startup Monitor-Nothing
    6)Application/processes Monitor-Nothing
    7)Script control-Wormguard
    :cool:Web-browsing sandbox-Privacy control features of ZAPRO 3.5169
    9)Popup killer-Privacy control features of ZAPRO 3.5169
    10)Banner replacement-Privacy control features of ZAPRO 3.5169
    11)Homepage Guard-Nothing
    12)IE clean-Evidence Washer
    13)MRU and tracks cleaning-Evidence Washer/System Cleaner
    14)Secure eraser-Evidence Washer/System Cleaner
    15)Browser and refferer blocking-Privacy control features of ZAPRO 3.5169
    16)Web-bugs filter (prefix)-Privacy control features of ZAPRO 3.5169
    17)Cookie Manager-Privacy control features of ZAPRO 3.5169, or and Evidence Washer
    1:cool:Ip Hiding-DLINK Router (Hardware)
    20)Outward bounds protection-ZAPRO
    21)Encrpyion file-Nothing
    22)Email encrpytion-Nothing
    23)Password Manager-System Cleaner
    24)Spam filtering-MailWasher
    :eek: That's a spicy meatball!!!
  16. JayK

    JayK Poster

    Dec 27, 2002
    It could be longer. For example, I've being thinking of a small app to handle the clipboard. :D
  17. sk

    sk Registered Member

    Nov 19, 2002
    Clear the Clipboard. I know I posted this in another thread, but I don't think it would be considered cross posting to list it here in this context as well:
    (NOTE: That link is for Son of Spy freeware, since: 1. I can't find the link to the developer's site right now, and 2. As I recall the developer's site is on virtual ave and I hate the popups there.)


    (BTW - I guess it's about time I learned how to insert a hyperlink properly here. I always just used to cut and paste but some links would get broken or something. I guess I needed to click the 'Insert Hyperlink' button on the "Add YABBC tags", huh? lol)
  18. JayK

    JayK Poster

    Dec 27, 2002

    Thanks. But i've found that among the doens of paid and freeware I have, two can do it too..
  19. aneta737

    aneta737 Guest

    12)Evidence Washer
    17)Evidence Washer
  20. WYBaugh

    WYBaugh Registered Member

    Jan 23, 2003
    1. I'm the solo running Solo Antivirus. Am looking at NOD, Avast!, RAV, DrWeb
    2. BOClean, TH
    3. None yet
    4. RegProt
    5. None yet
    6. None yet
    7. PopUpCop
    8. None
    9. PopUpCop
    10. PopUpCop
    11. None
    12. Windows Washer 4.8
    13. Windows Washer 4.8
    14. None yet
    15. PopUpCop (I think)
    16. None
    17. None
    18. None
    19. Norton Personal Firewall 2003
    20. Norton PF 2003
    21. None
    22. None
    23. None (If anyone is interested, I have my own shareware password creator called Password Construction Kit v1.2 plug plug :)
    24. None
  21. puff-m-d

    puff-m-d Registered Member

    Feb 13, 2002
    North Carolina, USA
    Hello all,

    Here is my current list:

    1)Antivirus-NOD32(backups-F-Prot for DOS and Gladiator)
    2)Anitrojan-TDS (Backups-TrojanHunter and Gladiator)
    3)Spyware/Adware control-SpyBot, AdAware6, ie-spyad, spywareblaster, and spywareguard
    4)Registry Monitor-RegRun Suite Gold
    5)Startup Monitor-RegRun Suite Gold
    6)Application/processes Monitor-SysSafe Monitor
    7)Script control-WormGuard and Script Sentry
    :cool:Web-browsing sandbox-none
    9)Popup killer-Proxomitron
    10)Banner replacement-Proxomitron
    11)Homepage Guard-Tracks Eraser Pro
    12)IE clean-Tracks Eraser Pro
    13)MRU and tracks cleaning-MRUBlaster and Tracks eraser Pro
    14)Secure eraser-Eraser
    15)Browser and refferer blocking-Proxomitron
    16)Web-bugs filter (prefix)-Proxomitron
    17)Cookie Manager-Cookie Pal
    1:cool:Ip Hiding-JAP
    20)Outward bounds protection-Look'n'Stop
    21)Encrpyion file-PGP658ckt09b3
    22)Email encrpytion-PGP658ckt09b3
    23)Password Manager-none
    24)Spam filtering-MailWasher

    I also use a continuously updated Hosts file (with FastNet99) using both smartins and hpguru's Hosts lists......

  22. JayK

    JayK Poster

    Dec 27, 2002
    Hmm an update.
  23. guessed

    guessed Guest


    20)Outward bounds protection---Banlist + Ruleset
    2)Anitrojan -------------------Deep Freeze / Banlist + Ruleset
    1)Antivirus -------------------Deep Freeze
    4)Registry Monitor ------------Deep Freeze
    5)Startup Monitor ------------Deep Freeze

    3)Spyware/Adware control---IERadicator
    11)Homepage Guard ---------IERadicator
    12)IE clean ---------------IERadicator

    Web-browsing sandbox ---------------Naoko 4
    7)Script control -------------------Browser+Naoko 4
    16)Web-bugs filter (prefix) --------Browser+Naoko 4
    15)Browser and refferer blocking ---Browser+Naoko 4
    17)Cookie Manager ------------------Browser
    9)Popup killer ---------------------Browser
    10)Banner replacement --------------Naoko 4

    6)Application/processes Monitor ---ATM

    21)Encrpyion file -----------WinRAR
    23)Password Manager ---------WinRAR

    14)Secure eraser ------------Eraser / DBAN / bench vice+grinder
    13)MRU and tracks cleaning --Deep Freeze

    22)Email encrpytion ---lol.

    24)Spam filtering ---Net based e-mail+filters

    1:cool:Ip Hiding ---disconnect/redial ISP
  24. srfox

    srfox Registered Member

    Jul 25, 2003
    Los Angeles
    you can see my recomendations with links at: including this board. Or click on my web icon. Like JayK it is quite long and I think I included a link to Clipboard manager YankeeClipper. It is not only a list of software, but there are links to explaining all these security issues with advise from experts for anyone who wants to become more knowledgable in the subject.
  25. BlackSwan

    BlackSwan Registered Member

    Jul 13, 2003
    1) Antivirus - AVG Free Edition
    2) Antitrojan - None for now
    3) Spyware/Adware control - Spybot S&D, Ad-Aware, X-Cleaner Free, Keylogger Hunter
    4) Registry Monitor - None for now
    5) Startup Monitor - CodeStuff Starter, Spybot S&D
    6) Application/processes Monitor - CodeStuff Starter
    7) Script control - Script Sentry, HTAstop
    :cool: Web-browsing sandbox - SpywareBlaster, SpywareGuard
    9) Popup killer - None (Opera as an alternative browser with the popup blocking feature enabled)
    10) Banner replacement - None for now
    11) Homepage Guard - SpywareGuard, Spybot S&D (the Immunise feature)
    12) IE clean - System Security Suite, Spider116
    13) MRU and tracks cleaning - MRU-Blaster, CleanUp!, System Security Suite, Doc Scrubber (does it fit the bill here?)
    14) Secure eraser - CleanUp!, X-Cleaner (the Shredder feature), Spybot S&D (the Secure Shredder feature)
    15) Browser and refferer blocking - None (Opera's referrer blocking & cookie managing features)
    16) Web-bugs filter (prefix) - None for now
    17) Cookie Manager - See #15
    1:cool: Ip Hiding - None for now
    19) Firewall - The in-built XP firewall (for now - don't laugh! LOL)
    20) Outward bounds protection - None for now
    21) Encryption file - None for now
    22) Email encryption - None for now
    23) Password Manager - None for now
    24) Spam filtering - Mailwasher Free
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