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Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by Brian Glazer - helpin, Jul 24, 2002.

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  1. helpin needs some thoughts.

    Have any of you used "secure tunneling"??

    This is where your web activities, including email, is tunneled to an anonymizer service and is completely encrypted even to your isp the second it leaves your computer.

    Here is a graph that beautifully shows exactly how this works.

    It is rather expensive. But my question is a forget the cost question. Do you think it is a valuable service to achieve the kind of web and email security that you receive?

    Has anybody used any of these tunneling services and would be willing to share your experience?
  2. snowman

    snowman Guest


    may I respectfully suggest that before you make any financial outlay that you further research tunneling. I understand somewhat differant than what you are mentioning. of course I willingly remain open to correction here.......
    no...I have never used I understand tunneling....however, I did have information about it an lost that after my last reformat......the tunneling as you that the same as using an anom proxy ??
    my questions are that of being please share if you care to do so....would appreciate...thanks

  3. Brian Glazer

    Brian Glazer Guest

    Snowman, hi there. No, it's not just an anonymous proxy or an anon surfing service, at least not in any kind of basic form. It requires the use of SSH client software on your computer and is also known as Port Forwarding. The Anonymizer offers their basic anonymous surfing package and they also offer a premium surfing service with URL encryption but they also offer something that goes far beyond that. That's the "Anonymizer Secure Tunneling Maximum Security" package. You have to use something like F-Secure or Tera Term Pro on your computer that creates not just a scrambled url, but true ssh tunneling directly to the Anonymizer servers. This is for not only web surfing, but email, ftp, newsgroups. It's a reasonable price actually as I have seen the same services go for 400.00 a year. Here's a couple of links
    and an faq on secure tunneling Here is the graph again that compares anonymous surfing through a proxy with tunneling

    The end result is a secure "tunnel" that makes your surfing habits, email, ftp, newsgroups invisible to your ISP and even to those with sophisticated technology.

    I am very curious as to how it affects surfing speeds and would love to hear from someone who has used it. I hear it's the most secure option available since the closing of the OLD Zero Knowledge with the anonymous nyms. That's it in a nutshell. Thanks for writing snowman.
  4. snowy

    snowy Guest


    ok..thats what I first thought you were talking about...yes I am awear of the service...have never used it...perhaps some else who is more informed on that particular service can offer you a more informative opinion.
    if you give it a try perhaps you could later advise what you think of it.....

    best regards

  5. Checkout

    Checkout Security Rhinoceros

    Feb 11, 2002
    I use JAP frequently, but I also have an account with IDSecure (IDZap). There are performance penalties, mainly load related - some times of the day are better than others. I agree - the less your ISP (and via them to whichever government thinks you're its slave) knows the better.

    Anonymity is NOT a crime.
    Privacy is a right, not a privelege.
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