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    Mar 7, 2014

    Our local authority uses a scripted WinPE 3.1 based disk imaging application to deploy Windows 7 images to our PCs.

    The issue we are having is that when we restore the image to certain laptops (Lenovo, Toshiba) which have Hitachi Advance Format disks, then the restored partition is misaligned.

    While we can then (slowly) install the version of alignment tool provided by the laptop provider, it's a manual process.

    I would like to add a process to our image rollout whereby if a AF disk is detected, it runs Paragon Alignment while still in PE.

    I already have the script to detect for a misaligned partition, but I need to know whether it's possible to include PAT on our PE disk and that we can run a command-line like

    X:\Paragon\PAT.exe disk0

    to get it to automatically do the alignment without prompting?

    I know PAT comes with its own boot disk generator, but that isn't appropriate for our requirements.

    Any advice gratefully received.