Scenario for Legacy to UEFI in Windows 8.1

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    Nov 22, 2007
    Have legacy boot now. Want to clone the drive with Windows 8.1(Basic MBR) to a GPT SSD. Then swap out the drives. I want to UEFI boot using the new cloned drive. My mobo is compatible.

    Would using Migrate OS to SSD and then Boot corrector do this safely?

    Or do I have to manually create new partitions on the GPT drive, copy the windows 8.1 c: partition, and then use boot corrector when the new drive is in place? I guess what I'm asking is: Does boot corrector make an EFI and MSR partitions?

    I know there is a program called migrate to uefi; but, I can't find it anywhere. And people state it doesn't run under 8.1.