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Discussion in 'sandboxing & virtualization' started by n8chavez, Jun 10, 2020.

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    If there a way to successfully get Outlook 365 to launch and run inside of Sandboxie? I haven't been able to get that to happen; the best I could go was get it to launch in a sandbox but there was no internet connectivity.
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    Aug 10, 2008
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    Hi, I'm just another user but have succeeded in getting sandboxed Outlook 365 to access the internet. I have the 64 bit version of Office installed. I use it sandboxed only when surfing the internet freely with my sandboxed browser, if I have browsers closed or running very safe sites, I'll usually use Outlook with no sandboxing.

    The sandboxing ain't perfect, it definitely takes a bit longer than usual to do complete Send/Receive when I first long on, and Sending the first email in a session, also takes longer than usual. For that reason I switch to unsandboxed Outlook if I'm fooling around with different drafts, it responds quicker. Another tip: close sandboxed Outlook by choosing File, Exit. Helps prevent the Sandbox staying open.

    I did this: First, I created a new sandbox just for Outlook.

    Settings: Check Display border around the window. The taskbar icon doesn't show the sandboxing, so the "always on" border really helps.
    Under Delete Invocation, I have Automatically delete contents of sandbox.
    Under Program Stop, Leader Programs. Add, I browsed to Outlook.exe (see below to find its location)
    Under File Migration, I increased the "Don't migrate files larger than" number to 500000 kilobytes.
    Under Restrictions Network files, I started with the Block Network Files unless... checked, now I'm experimenting with leaving it unchecked.

    At this point, you might trying to use right click Run Sandboxed directly on your Outlook exe file, choosing the new sandbox.

    To find Outlook's exe location in Win 10, ho hum, it's a bore, go to:
    Start, scroll down to Outlook, right click, choose More, Open File location, Wait you're not done yet! It just shows a shortcut, so right click on the Outlook shortcut and choose Properties, there Targety shows the full path to exe file that really launches Outlook. Weirdly, the path includes Office 16 rather than Office 365, but in my version that's the right file.

    Let me know if it works, if not I can look at my other settings to see if there is something else I missed.

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