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    Linux Kernel with extended Wireless, Laptop (UMPC, like EeePC), Filesystem (unionfs, aufs, squashfs, ext4, NTFS-3g) support
    Really fast boot time (around 30 seconds, depending on your Computer)
    Out-Of-The-Box hardware detection, Input devices, GPUs, wireless, in no time!
    Outstanding easy-to-setup 3D Desktop, Gaming support, thanks to Compiz Fusion 0.7.6 and a set of free Top-Tier Games included or available (Sauerbraten, Second Life!, Nexuiz, Quake4, Warsow, Savage, Wesnoth)
    - AMD/ATI Catalyst 8.6
    - NVIDIA: 173.14.05, 96.43.05 and 71.86.04 - automatic selection
    - X.Org Server 1.4.2 (7.3), automatic input devices configuration through HAL
    Incredible set of ready-to-use applications and Desktop Environments:
    - KDE 3.5.9 (KDE 4.0.5 available for download)
    - GNOME 2.22.2
    - XFCE 4.4.2
    - Fluxbox 1.0
    - OpenOffice 2.4
    - Firefox 3.0
    - aMule 2.2.0
    - Wine 1.1.0
    - Google Earth 4.2 and Picasa 2.7
    - Flash 9
    - Java 1.6 (IcedTea)
    - Innotek VirtualBox 1.5
    Entropy defining the "software2.0" concept (read our current/future development plan and status, sponsored by the NLnet Foundation)
    - This is the Cool, Exclusive, Fast, User-oriented, Sabayon Linux Package Manager, Portage compatible, written from scratch
    - Featuring "equo" as Textual front-end
    - Featuring "Spritz" as Graphical front-end (based on YumEx)
    - Featuring a notification applet front-end to keep your system up-to-date (based on RHN-Applet)
    - Featuring an Online Packages Browser at
    - Featuring "Community Repositories" support, every user will be able to create his/her own repository in less than 15 minutes
    - Featuring Gentoo Linux Security Advisories support, enabling you to easily and quickly get informed about security threats and their fixes/package updates
    - Completely internationalized into your language (5 languages currently supported), help us!
    - Around 7500 applications available for buth 32 and 64bit Computers
    - Multiple branches support, wanna stick with 3.5 during the 4.0 development? No problem!
    - Currently at about 40000 lines of code, and growing
    - No more headaches to keep your System updated, We do it for You! Two clicks or a few keystrokes, this is what you just need.
    - Completely based on Open Source technologies (Python, SQLite, MySQL, OpenSSL, Urwid, gzip), source code available at
    - One of the first Gentoo-based Linux distribution actively supporting source and binary packages.
    Sabayon Linux Installer:
    - Now with a refreshed and more polished look
    - Featuring the following installation profiles:
    - KDE 3.5.9
    - GNOME 2.22.2
    - XFCE 4.4.2
    - Fluxbox 1.0
    - UMPC (really tight setup, featuring XFCE)
    - Core (server-oriented setup)
    - Featuring a Custom Packages Selector, to allow tweaking your installation to death
    - Improved Software RAID, Fake RAID and Windows detection
    - Intense bug fixing, most of the code has been rewritten from scratch to reduce system libraries dependency
    - Fully integrated with the Entropy subsystem
    Media Center functionalities:
    - GeeXbox 1.1-devel included
    - Elisa Media Center 0.3.5
    From future:
    - KDE 4.1 ready!
    - Sabayon Linux 4.0 upgrade ready!
    - EeePC 10xxx ready!

    30 sec boot time looks and sounds good to me.
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