Rundown of GSS products ? Possible Specials

Discussion in 'Other Ghost Security Software' started by Steven Avery, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. Steven Avery

    Steven Avery Registered Member

    Nov 13, 2007
    Hi Folks,

    I have been using the Beta Freeware GSS Beta 1.11 for awhile, and am very impressed. And I think straight and strong HIPS is far more usable than the various "sandbox" (Bufferzone, haven't tried Sandboxie) and "trusted zone" (DefenseWall) apps I have tried. I do notice the firewalls like Sunbelt-Kerio and Online Armor have been adding HIPS alerts, personally I do not mind a little dual coverage and prefer the strongest HIPS product available. The paradigm is so superior to post-facto examinations, although one does not negate the other.

    Here are two general questions, I'll separate support/techie questions in another post.


    Could you make one post in a new thread describing the major current Freeware and Paid alternatives for GSS as of November 2007 ? There is a bit of confusion when I read the threads and try to know what I have and what I could and should have.


    Could you consider getting on Bits Du Jour, or specials with someone like DonationCoder if you have not yet done so ? Your suite would be perfect for such among the techies, at least with those two. (I do not know if Wilders does anything like that, I think not, in order to avoid marketing tie-ins.) There are other tie-ins that might be less applicable, although the PowerToolsSoftware Yahoogroups forum is another good one, less busy than the old days but still functioning ok and appreciating deals on quality software. One key is to tie-in only with those who have high standards among their readers and users in order to avoid confusion and waste of effort.

    Granted this is not just the Freeware I am requesting info about, however it seemed the most appropriate of the four forums.

    Thanks for your assistance.

    Steven Avery
    Queens, NY
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