Robocopy or Robust File Copy: How come I didn't know about this???

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by zapjb, Sep 19, 2019.

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    Robocopy or Robust File Copy: How come I didn't know about thiso_O Supposed to copy or move files even large files SUPER FAST. Haven't tried it yet.

    First I got to say I'm feeling pretty stupid about this. Having been involved in computing for over 20yrs & I've never heard of this.

    "Robocopy, or "Robust File Copy", is a command-line directory and/or file replication command for Microsoft Windows. Robocopy functionally replaces Xcopy, with more options."

    Just the 1st YT tutorial I've looked at. If anyone has simpler instructions please link it.

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  2. Surt

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    Jan 23, 2019
    Yeah, I remember it. For the mainstream user and even the savvy geek, judged against xcopy, just about all of robocopy's specialized features are unnecessary and overly complicated.

    With SSDs, late model HDDs and Gigabit LANS, the "super fast" advantage provided by some robocopy modes has become moot.

    I know the server side folks implemented robocopy in a few, very few, of the smaller enterprises I contracted to over time, finding favor largely in simple end-of-day scheduled batch files evoked workstation-to-workstation syncing of trivial files to reduce PDC/BDC workloads. Stuff was really slow Back Then.

    Otherwise, large enterprises placed file maintenance trust in whatever commercially sourced server and workstation tools they purchased to replace resident MS Server and Windows feature sets though it might be assumed authorized developers could leverage robocopy in their products.

    The additional policy, roll-out and training involved was a big thumbs down in the approval process. Outside of the expert cadre of native IT Mules (MULE = Multiple Use Labor Element), robocopy was mostly unknown in large enterprises.

    As well, some IT managers considered Windows Resource Kit (WRK) tools as "experimental" and unsupported by their MS licensing SLA; to a point, they were correct. By the time Server 2008 and the broadly rejected Vista packaged it, it was too late to spark any interest.

    Open cmd.exe and enter robocopy /? to see all the fun to be had. :)
  3. Alec

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    I first learned of it when I wanted to download all of the SysInternals utilities. The easiest way to get them all is to run the following via command prompt with admin privileges (in order to start and stop the webclient)...
    net start webclient
    robocopy.exe \\\tools "C:\SysInternals"
    net stop webclient
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