Returnil caused PC to keep rebooting

Discussion in 'sandboxing & virtualization' started by hammerman, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. hammerman

    hammerman Registered Member

    Jul 14, 2007

    Thought I would give Returnil Home edition 1.70.6160 a try out. I switched session lock on and the Returnil icon turned red indicating system protection was on. Then created a text file to check that the file is no longer present after a reboot. When I restarted the PC, Windows would not startup and PC kept rebooting. PC reset occured just before the password entry screen.

    To overcome this I ended up starting in Safe mode and uninstalling Returnil. Windows then started normally but I got an SSM message stating that SBIEDRV.sys is not the same. The SandboxIE icon had turned red and I couldn't open up the SandboxIE main window.

    I reset the PC with the SandboxIE option 'Run Sandboxie control on system startup' turned off. The system then reset OK and I've had no problems with SandboxIE since.

    Before I install Returnil again and have another go, am I doing anything obviously wrong? Do I need to shut down any applications before switching Session Lock on? Is there a better way of recovering from this situation without having to uninstall Returnil?

    Running Windows XP Home
    Applications running when session lock was switched on:-
    SandboxIE 3.01 (sandbox not empty), McAfee AV, SAS Pro (real-time on), BOClean, SSM (Free), regprot

Thread Status:
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