Restoring Differential images with WinPE

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    I have regularly backed up my C: drive with differential backup images. I have not had any problems with the restore: Select the Diff set you want and go on, the app knows where to find the base (the starting Full image).

    Some weeks ago I started to perform the backup with a script created by Paragon Retention Wizard. This product is discussed in the topic 'Paragon not intuitive' (70 posts at the moment); the RW issue starts with post #15 (

    A week ago I had to restore an image (due to Java RE problems), but now the process was not as simple as it used to be. The app asked a new question: “Please specify where to find next archive volume”.

    I raised a support ticket and I received a kind answer: It’s a user interface bug that occurs when restoring a complex differential backup made with Retention Wizard under WinPE. The product team has been informed, and it should be fixed in the future versions. Additionally I was told how to “help” the app with some extra mouse clicks. I have tested the solution and it works perfectly! Once again I can say: Paragon BU has never let med down.

    I should like to give the necessary instructions here if any of you face this challenge. The procedure is:

    * Select the System.PBF in the DIFF folder you want to restore.
    * The app goes to the top level (the Backup Set folder) and states a file name.
    * Navigate to the FULL folder, point to the actual file and click <Next>
    * The app might ask for another file; repeat the point procedure.
    * When done you will have the screen “Browse for Archive” followed by “What to restore” and so on.

    The attached screenshot might be helpful. The Retention Wizard creates a complex folder structure. I set the path for backup destination to W:\Paragon Backup\Paragon PBF, the wizard continued with these subfolders: ..\COMPAQ-HP\Full_Diff\Backup_Set_1_7_2014_10021\FULL_1_7_2014_10021 (and with several DIFF subfolders to the Backup_Set folder ('COMPAQ-HP' is the <Computer Name>).

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    Thanks for posting it. :)