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Discussion in 'FirstDefense-ISR Forum' started by Chamlin, Oct 29, 2013.

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  1. Chamlin

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    Aug 8, 2006
    Hi all,

    Have been using FD-ISR on my "retiring" XP computer, and have shifted to AX64 on my new Windows 7 Pro system. I want to retire my old XP computer, but still need to be able to use a few legacy programs that won't work on Windows 7, and they likely will not work even in Windows 7 XP mode.

    So, I need a non-FD-ISR solution for the following (because I'm just not able to get FD-ISR to work on my Win7 system - my limitations):
    • In my new Windows 7 system I have 4 drives: 1 for the OS and programs; 2 for data; and the 4th drive (160 GB) is available/empty.
    • I plan to delete all software on my old XP computer, except my XP sp3 OS and the 3 or 4 legacy programs.
    • My desire is to clone this drive and install/restore it to the available 4th drive in my new Windows 7 computer, AND, to be able to boot to it when needed.
    • The evolution of AX64's new "brother", RealCopy, to be called TimeCopy will offer this capability in a few months. But I may need to do this process sooner as my XP drive may be on its last legs.
    1. What existing software would do this for me (could work on XP and Win7?

    2. I own Acronis True Image Home version 11.0 but have not really used it. Would that do it?

    Thanks for the guidance,
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.