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    Sep 19, 2014
    Hello all,

    I use the paragon free backup software to backup my RAID 0 boot drive weekly. It is backed up onto a RAID 10 storage. I have, on at least 5 occasions, restored using the software from an archived imaged file and it works flawlessly. Recently, I had an issue with AVG which caused my system to stick on Windows screen and despite my best efforts with their boot fix utilities, booting through Ubuntu and accessing my Windows boot drive and renaming the necessary AVG files manually, I have not been able to boot.

    Is there paragon boot utility that I can use to navigate to my images on my RAID 10 and have them restore onto my boot RAID 0?

    OS: Win 7 X64
    RAID 0 boot drive and RAID 10 storage are both on the same Intel Sata controller (RIVE mobo)

    Any/all help appreciated.

    ** I searched restoring from RAID and restoring from external storage on the forum before posting. I have seen the boot media builder but I'm not sure if that's what I need now or something I needed to do prior to having a corrupted boot.
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    You could try this: to build a recovery medium.
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