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    TDS - Required Files
    These files already come with the TDS installation, but are also included here, for your convenience.

    TDS-3 requires these system files for it to function. If you get 'Kernel32' errors, or any errors involving any OCX file listed here, then you will need to download and replace with the versions required by TDS-3 from here.

    Unzip the required files and place them in your Windows\System directory for Windows 98 or WINNT\System32 if you have Windows NT - Windows XP may be installed to Windows, so put the files in Windows\System32. Always backup your originals. Please check your file version information first, and do not replace a file when the version you have is newer than the version here. These are the recommended minimum versions required. The recommended OS to use each file on is included.

    PLEASE NOTE - Windows XP users should not need to update any DLL files. In rare cases, check the versions of your tabctl32.ocx, richtx32.ocx and in some cases comdlg32.ocx, these could need updating. These most important files listed first, they will solve a problem where the TDS console does not visibly appear yet is running.

    First, try downloading and installing the latest runtime update (Service Pack 5):
    Direct download link: click here .

    If that fails, try downloading the following files, overwriting your existing ones:

    comctl32.ocx (Windows 9x/NT/2K) v6.0.80.22

    tabctl32.ocx (Windows 9x/NT/2K) v6.0.88.4

    richtx32.ocx (Windows 9x/NT/2K) v6.0.88.4

    comdlg32.ocx (Windows 9x/NT/2K) v6.0.84.18

    - - - - -

    riched32.dll (Windows 9x) v4.0.993.4

    riched32.dll (Windows NT/2K) v5.0.2134.1

    asycfilt.dll (Windows 9x/NT/2K) v2.40.4277

    msvcrt.dll (Windows 9x/NT/2K) v6.1.9359.0

    msvbvm60.dll (Windows 9x/NT/2K) v6.0.84.95

    mscomctl.ocx (Windows 9x/NT/2K) v6.0.84.98

    If that fails, feel free to contact DiamondCS.
  2. FanJ

    FanJ Guest

    There is an easy way by which you can monitor whether those required system files might be changed for some reason.
    TDS-3 gives you that possibility by using its CRC32-checksum feature.

    See for more info this thread:
    TDS-3 CRC32-test Guidelines

    The required system files might be already by default listed in that file crcfiles.txt.
    Have a look yourself whether those files are indeed in that list.
    If not, just add them with their full path; when you're ready: hit save.
  3. Jason_DiamondCS

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    Nov 11, 2002
    Perth, Western Australia
    I am going to unsticky this thread now since this problem has all since gone since we updated to the new installer.

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