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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by Fortek, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. Fortek

    Fortek Registered Member

    Jan 13, 2009
    My ESET Admin console is reporting that nearly all the licences are used up. I have investigated and found that for some PCs and servers it is recording more than instance, eg SERVERA, SERVERA 00001, SERVERA 00002 etc. The same on some PCs. Why is that and how do i reclaim the licences back?
  2. BFG

    BFG Registered Member

    Oct 27, 2004
    San Diego
    Hi Fortec,

    If the machines have more than one NIC card each card can be seen as another client.

    This article shows how to resolve that issue.

    Hope it helps.
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