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    Jul 31, 2003
    These are the improvements that have been made to kav 4.5, with this new release.

    You can read more info at the kav forum here

    Here is the link to the thread about the new release here;act=ST;f=1;t=637

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus™ Personal

    Version Release date: August 27, 2004


    The product can now be installed on MS Windows XP with Service Pack 2.

    The product can work on your operating system in PAE mode (physical address extension).

    Fixed in the following components of the product:

    Kaspersky™ Anti-Virus Scanner Version

    A bug that occurred when defining the scan area by mask has been fixed.

    A problem that might occur when disinfecting files on a floppy disk with little free space has been fixed.

    Now all Microsoft Outlook Express files are processed correctly.

    Now all ZIP files are processed correctly.

    Kaspersky™ Anti-Virus Monitor Version

    A problem that occurred when working with USB devices has been fixed.

    A "right-click" bug that occurred when a user tried to double-click an infected file after right-clicking it. This anti-virus monitor failed to block this file, though the corresponding message about this was displayed.

    File descriptor leakage under high load has been eliminated.

    An error that occurred when processing ZIP files with digital signatures has been fixed.

    An error that occurred when processing files located on network resources managed by NetWare has been fixed.

    The monitor can now work in PAE mode (physical address extension).

    Kaspersky™ Anti-Virus Network Control Centre Version

    A bug with saving Control Centre settings under certain conditions have been fixed.

    Known problems:

    The product does not work in DEP mode on 64-bit processors.

    The product does not support Windows Security Center Service Pack 2.

    There are problems when opening large-size projects in AutoCAD 2002. It is recommended that you exclude project files from the Kaspersky Anti-Virus Monitor scan area..

    detection of viruses by Kaspersky Anti-Virus Monitor cannot be sent to Kaspersky Anti-Virus Control Centre if the "from" field contains spaces. If this problem arises, replace the spaces with other symbols.

    You can download kav personal here

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