RegSeeker v3.00 Released

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    RegSeeker v3.00
    Released 12-March-2016

    Whats New
    New Features
    • New : Process Navigator - Show process/tasks lists and navigate thru parents within the process properties window
    • Kill all selected processes (RegSeeker advanced version only)
    • Kill all selected processes and delete file,useful killing spywares etc.. (RegSeeker advanced version only)
    • Kill selected process and rename the executable (RegSeeker advanced version only)
    • Export process list with startup time stamp (RegSeeker advanced version only)
    • RegSeeker startup paramter /p will start in Process Navigator mode
    • New : Live Files / Process monitor
    • Live monitor for new files creation/rename/deletion
    • Live monitor for new process start/stop
    • Export monitor results (RegSeeker advanced version only)
    • New : Repair Dialog box
    • To set default Windows specific entries (useful to get rid of virus)
    • New : Completely redesign the Tweaks panel with more than 40 tweaks !
    • New : Installed applications management
    • Options to rename, delete, export application registry entries
    • New : Hints in About page
    • Support Windows 64bit version
    • Completely rewritten Registry cleaner code for faster speed (+50%) and safer results
    • Registry exclusion list handling
    • Could give some false invalid services/drivers path listed
    • Internet Explorer BHO List
    • Some wrong display for Chrome extensions name
    • Show item text search in titlebar (search for registry/hard drive)
    • Several fixes and optimizations
    • UI change

    Download: RegSeeker
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    Have you tried RegSeeker out on Windows 10? Any problems and/or conflicts?

    Kind regards,
  3. roger_m

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    Jan 25, 2009
    As with previous versions it has issues with false positives, so the registry cleaner should be used with caution. However, some of the other features it has could be quite useful.
  4. CloneRanger

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    Jan 4, 2006
    Thanx for posting !

    Been using RS since the early 2000's, so this rare update is a nice surprise. Briefly tried the non install version, & discovered the free versions don't now do a Deep reg scan as before. While this is good for non techies, as it only shows non critical entries for deletion, other may wish to invest in the pro versions, or use earlier versions too.

    This version is indeed a Lot quicker, as it's a rewrite of the code, & has many other useful features earlier versions did not.

  5. Brummelchen

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    Jan 3, 2009
    looks like another form or CCleaner with advanced registry search.

    there is a bug in the tweaker - the mark is not removed when restoring defaults.
    it would also be more clearly if the mark is set in the line of the tweak, not at the bottom.

    also may improved the sub menus left side - more visibility that a sub menu is present.

    at least - not my favorite