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  1. craigbass76

    craigbass76 Registered Member

    Jan 22, 2003
    Maine, USA
    I was going to clean the registry on an older pc running windows98plus (came out before 98SE?) I uninstalled some ancient version of McAfee, and now there's something in the registry that looks for the program. There aren't any problems really, I just have to "hit any key to continue" during boot up. I'm hoping to get rid of the speed bump, since the p166 already takes 18 and a half hours to boot. Well, maybe 18 and a quarter, but a long time anyway.

    Regcleaner wouldn't install because some chinese.ini file was missing. I couldn't see the whole file name in the box that popped up. I cannot find any such file on the internet. Further, I looked on my win98 machine (first edition I think) and couldn't find the file there either, but regcleaner works on that computer. Anybody know what gives here?

    Are there any other free registry cleaners you all could recommend that I could try on this Pentiasaurus?
  2. Tassie_Devils

    Tassie_Devils Global Moderator

    May 8, 2002
    State Queensland, Australia
    Hi Craig...

    If you wish, you could try this program, has a Registry Cleaner as well as Temp/TIFS cleaner.


    Install... click on Issues TAB, click on Scan for Issues, if you are happy with what it finds, right click on any file, Select All, and click on Fix Issues [see pic].

    Now, there are many many reg cleaners and no doubt you will be given options, just that I thought if regcleaner would not install, then this is more than likely to install easily for you.

    When you click Fix Issues, you may still see some 'More Issues' something like that, that needs to be fixed again. When I first used it, it found heaps of entries and had to Fix Issues twice to get rid of them all.

    Naturally, it's up to final vetting by you of what you choose to delete. ;)

    Cheers, TAS

    PS: here is a nice thread on reg cleaning: THIS ONE

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