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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by Christopher_NC, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. Christopher_NC

    Christopher_NC Registered Member

    Jun 24, 2006
    North Carolina USA
    I'm trying to set up Reatogo XPE, but having problems with the Mustang TI 9 Plugin.

    The Plugin I'm using is Mustang's:

    Acronis True Image 9 Home Plugin Builds 3625 and UP

    I have TI 9.3677 (clean install), DD 10, Windows XP Pro sp-2 (slipstreamed CD).

    I managed to get Reatogo installed on the C:\drive, after my first attempt ended up installed but unrunnable on my H:\Data partition...didn't realize I had to unzip Reatogo to C:\ for it to install there.

    The Mustang DD 10 plugin enables, but when I try to enable the True Image 9 Home Plugin, I get the attached error message.

    pluginCheck failed:
    Missing files: files\*.*

    Per help, I did run:


    Does TI9 have to be installed on the C:\ drive for the plugin to find all the files it needs?

    Those of you who know this will laugh, but I tried searching for the file:


    which certainly doesn't narrow the field. :gack:

    Any suggestions?

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  2. Brian K

    Brian K Imaging Specialist

    Jan 28, 2005
    NSW, Australia

    I think that is correct. The C: drive.

    I have 64 files in my Files folder.
  3. chaw_pig

    chaw_pig Registered Member

    Jun 10, 2006
    I dont think you need to install TI9 to install on C drive because the plugin builder will look for the necessary files from your system drive (the drive you install Windows), but i dont know if it will detect correctly if you install TI on non system drive. but for your refrence, i attached the files and folder inside "Files" folder from the plugin. there should be 57 files inside that "Files" folder (according my plugin).

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  4. mustang

    mustang Developer

    Apr 12, 2005
    Hi Christopher,

    In order to simplify the setup of the TI plugins for the majority of users, I have assumed that TI has been installed to the default location as set by Acronis. This is indeed the C drive for most people. As chaw pig pointed out, it will work if your system drive is a letter other than C.

    If you just changed the drive letters of each component during a custom install of TI and left the directories unchanged, you can fix the plugin as follows:

    Add the line in bold after the shown line in TIH9-Get_Files+Lic.cmd

    xcopy "%ProgramFiles%\Acronis\TrueImageHome\*.*" "Files\"
    xcopy "E:\Program Files\Acronis\TrueImageHome\*.*" "Files\"

    Change the E in the above line to your drive letter where you installed TI9.

    If you changed the directory names as well as the drive letter, you'll have to make the appopriate changes.
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