Re: Jellybean update for Samsung 7.7 Tablet: fritzed external microSD

Discussion in 'all things UNIX' started by Longboard, Jun 5, 2013.

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    Oct 2, 2004
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    Just posting out of interest/reference:
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 7.7 Model P6800
    Great piece of kit
    (the one Apple sued over)
    No longer 'mainstream" model, but still available.
    Not massive user base.

    Updated Honeycomb to ICS OTA with no problems.

    Update to Jellybean was delayed apparently due to some chip issues.

    Recent update of kernel to Jellybean 4.1.
    Did the update OTA, just launched the updater as previously, and all seemed to go well, settings all good, interface very nice and fast, BUT, external microSd card was not readable after update.
    Sandisc class 10 card.
    ?? : google google google ... seem to be some others with same issue, but no clear solutions.
    Not particularly worried: all data backed up or data on tablet copied from PC.
    Concerned re fault with device itself.

    Card was not seen by PC when connected in the tablet ...:ouch: Hmmm
    Put card into a reader : connected to PC: all data visible and preserved :blink:
    Formatted card ( FAT32 as recommended), put back into tablet: nada.
    Thinking ... Tablet or card broken
    Inserted new card: generic Class 10 card: all good !
    SO, I thinking : update did something to card "identifier" in tablet ??
    Not sure what would have happened if I had removed SD card prior to update and reinserted post update.

    No fix visible to me when searching for answers.

    Cant really explain why card seen by PC but not tablet.
    End result : new card $30: just interesting annoyance.

    Also out of interest, the updates to Android have made it very difficult for some apps to write to ext. SD cards and for apps to be stored/installed on ext. SD cards.
    No problems with storing data: photos, songs, movies docs etc on External cards.
    Seems to be some part of Google's strategy.
    Work arounds available for rooted Android devices.
    Its fun to tinker, but I just want to keep it simple.
    If getting a tablet/phone make: sure has decent on board storage and expandable memory.
    Backup before updates.. ;)

    Be interested if any one else has come across this.

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