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    A message from Leapfrog Software's CEO;

    There is obviously some confusion out there regarding FirstDefense-ISR, Raxco Software, and Leapfrog Software. I hope this posting will set the record straight. Raxco's CEO and I have been discussing their intent to drop the ISR product for over a month. Our last meeting was in Japan two weeks ago, where Todd and I learned that this decision was made firm and was to be be tied with the launch of a newly developed Website at Raxco. Although we were aware of their decision to discontinue reselling FirstDefense-ISR, we were not aware that the Website was launching today.

    Raxco is an owner of Leapfrog Software and early in our formation, they assisted us by developing a critical part of our technology, and were the first to gain recognition (and credibility) for FirstDefense-ISR.
    They were the only reseller granted a license to use our FirstDefense-ISR registered trademark. We agree with Raxco's decision not to promote FD-ISR since Raxco intends to focus only on the vendor side of their business (PerfectDisk) rather than the reseller side (FD-ISR)

    Raxco will continue to provide their usual outstanding support service to all FD-ISR customers, and will provide periodic updates for those customers who purchased maintenance contracts. We are totally behind that effort.

    As for Leapfrog Software, we do not sell our product to end-users because our focus is to continue providing customized/OEM applications of our core technology to our worldwide base of partners. This business choice is no different from the one recently made by Raxco. Stay tuned for a link to another reseller, which Todd will provide shortly. I hope this helps to remove the confusion out there, and thank you for supporting FD-ISR technology.

    Bob Altieri, CEO
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