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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by tcv, Mar 26, 2006.

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  1. tcv

    tcv Registered Member

    May 24, 2005
    Hey folks,

    I sincerely love TI. I evangelize it to other techs as much as I can. I've used it extensively and I am THRILLED about the universal restore. Holy crap this product is good.

    So, I have an interesting conundrum to throw out.

    A customer called me and said her Windows machine would no longer bootup. BSOD. UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME. I've seen it before. I'm sure we all have. And I was pretty confident I could get to the data.

    Until I found out that the system ran a SATA RAID0 set. Ugh.

    To make a long-story short, I was indeed able to get the system to boot. (SpinRite fixed the NTFS partition just enough to allow booting, albeit finding one unrecoverable sector.) So, the _data_ is backed up.

    Now my attention turns to Acronis and its ability to, perhaps, keep the entire system intact. I have used Acronis on disks with bad sectors before, but never on a RAID set. The Intel-based RAID BIOS reports an "Error" on one of the disks.

    My goal would be to:

    Either clone the bad disk onto a new disk. The new disk would, of course, take the place of that bad disk, but this seems like it wouldn't work, though. At the end, the two disks would be out-of-sync.

    So, perhaps the best way is to IMAGE the entire set to a single disk, perhaps a 300gig (total size of the RAID) SATA disk. Get a replacement disk for the bad RAID drive, reset the RAID0, then restore the TI image to the newly conceived RAID0.


    Do I need something better than the home-version of TI?


  2. Chris12923

    Chris12923 Registered Member

    May 31, 2004
    Not sure about this method.

    This should work without issues.

    Home version should work for this as well.


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