Questions regarding automated backup and incremental/differential and scheduling

Discussion in 'Paragon Drive Backup Product Line' started by dg9879, Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. dg9879

    dg9879 Registered Member

    Jan 25, 2011
    I am trying Paragon Backup and Restore as a trial.

    Macrium Reflect was good for a while but has failed to restore recently (perhaps it can't handle the 1TB drives I now have).

    I performed a full backup of my C drive using Paragon and it successfully restored.

    I have read that differential backups don't work well with this program because they take a ridiculously long time to restore. In some ways it doesn't matter too much because I want to do incrementals.

    Q1 Does the auto backup do incremental or differential backups?

    Q2 If I schedule a daily incremental backup for say, 5:30am each morning and I turn my pc on at 6am will it do the backup immediately or not?

    I work different shifts and would be turning my pc on at different times.

    Q3 Would it perhaps be a good idea to have two incremental backups (the same) scheduled for different times to allow for this (with auto shutdown of course).

    Q4 Since an incremental attaches to a full backup, then does that mean I have to re-organize scheduling the incremental backup each time I create a new full backup?

    Ideally I'd like to automate a daily incremental backup and weekly full backup (with auto shutdown), with the latest 3 full backups kept. It would be good if I could auto copy the backup to my 2nd external drive (like I did with Macrium) but doesn't seem to be an option.

    Q5 Considering these hassles, would I be better off just using automated backup if its method is incremental?

    Q6 Is there a way of re-assigning the automated backup parameters? I can't remember what I chose now?

    It would be great if I could get the auto backup to auto backup full weekly and the rest incremental and then another full auto backup

    Q7 If I'm using automated backup and it starts doing a full backup and I cancel because it is not convenient then will it do the full backup when I turn it on tomorrow or wait until the next time it is due in 5 days or whenever?

    Q8 If I tell automated backup to not keep more then 3 full backups then does it auto delete the oldest and keep doing regular full backups?

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