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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by geepondy, Oct 1, 2008.

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  1. geepondy

    geepondy Registered Member

    Dec 17, 2005
    Ok, my trial version of NIS09 has expired. When I click the "buy now" button, it brings me to a web page where I can buy the product for $69.99. However when I first installed the product I had to create an account in the Norton my account site. When I log on there, it says I have the trial NIS09 as an active product and an option to buy a key. When I click on that, I can buy a key for only $49.99. Is there any difference between the two options? It says the key is good for three installs as well.
  2. Zeena

    Zeena Registered Member

    Apr 25, 2008
    Hi :)

    I also installed the trial of - NIS 09
    I forgot to check my email first.. To see if they had sent me a Trial - Product Key
    So.. Because I panicked! :argh:
    And couldn't work out if I was supposed to have a Trial Product Key or not ... I just typed in my unused NIS 08 Product Key :rolleyes:

    Now I Think... But I'm Not Sure :oops:
    When you install the Trial ... You Just Click - Done
    Use your 15 day trial
    Then purchase a new Product Key :D
    Buy a Disk of NIS 09 from a store ( e.g. PC World )
    Buy a 1 PC Licence ( Product Key )
    Buy a 3 PC Licence ( Product Key )

    How Many Days Has Your Trial Been Running?
    Open NIS 09 ... And look how many days you have left - OK ;)
    NOTE : At the bottom of the main NIS 09 window... You should be able to see how many days you have left of your - Trial

    NIS 09 ... Is probably warning you that your trial is about to run out :doubt:
    And that's why your Trial is still showing as - Active
    If you think about it...
    You will need to get the New Product Key ready ( But Not Use It / Activate It ) ... Before Your Trial Runs Out!
    If you wait until the trial has already run out... You'll Be Unprotected! :(

    By The Way... This is the Firewall section ;)
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  3. Victek

    Victek Registered Member

    Nov 30, 2007
    No difference. They are offering you a discount - take it :cool: By the way, NIS 2009 can be activated with keys from previous versions as well. I activated my installs with a 2007 key.
  4. Smiggy

    Smiggy Registered Member

    May 2, 2007
    The Angel Isle
    PM me re: Norton 2009 plz.

  5. Chuck57

    Chuck57 Registered Member

    Sep 2, 2002
    New Mexico, USA
    Two days ago I installed Norton 360 v2 on my computer. All I wanted was the AV and firewall, but a phone call interrupted me and I got it all. The reason I took the 360 is my wife's Dell came with Norton installed as a trial. She loves it bought it. She also has 2G RAM on her desktop to my 512 on my older desktop. Hers came with the ability to load onto 3 computers.

    I downloaded the new version 2 without a problem, once I found the upgrade page on Symantec - which wasn't easy.

    Installation was typically Norton, as I remember it. It took ... uhh ... a while. Updating seemed to be eternal, but possibly it had a lot to catch up.

    I rebooted, although there was no need, and a full 10 minutes passed before everything was up and I could do something. Once running, I noticed no hit on performance. Authorizing amounted to only putting in the serial number that came with her computer.

    Yesterday, when I turned the box on, it was much faster

    Today, when I fired up the computer, I hardly noticed a difference in speed. Updating was flawless, running an av check was very fast and I could continue to run my browser during the antivirus/spyware check.

    Norton 360 isn't Norton IS, but I'm impressed. Even with a measly 512RAM it runs light, although it did take several boots to, apparently, get everything settled down. I'm impressed.

    In fact, I crossed my fingers and ran all the various programs that come with 360, except saving anything in the 2G vault, since I refuse to store files on anything but CD or on my second HD. Everything ran without a hitch. In truth, using Sandboxie or Shadow Defender, there wasn't much to clean up and defragging the HD (25% fragmented) was amazingly fast.

    All in all, even with my 512 RAM, this new Norton is a winner in my book. Another myth dispelled. The first was Vista, which I now love and which runs flawlessly. Now, I have Norton.
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