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Discussion in 'ProcessGuard' started by Mr.Blaze, Sep 3, 2004.

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  1. Mr.Blaze

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    Feb 3, 2003
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    hmmmmmmm let see hang up types

    system sometimes crashs will more like freezes when i get to desktop

    run aim instant mesenger hangs up there with two windows open

    new juno 7.0

    how do i know it process guard cause i shut it off kill the start up and disabled it pc run fine now

    restarted it re enabled it same thing hangs system not always at desktop sometimes a littile later its like the system gets busy and it hangs

    i notice same thing in another program thats why i can just tell whats going on by the feeel of my pc just out right experince

    the process guard acts much like boclean in that it can hang the pc sometimes only temporarly

    it seems to me most programs that put an icon on taskbar espeachialy blinking or animated icons will cause the pc to hang except for zone alarm and norton

    does processguard have fast hook to cause i notice fast hook apps cause systems to hang

    my pc is gateway 700mhz celeron 512 ram 8mb or 10mb graphic chipset something crapy like that 80 gig hd +20gig hd+120gig hd windows xp home edition sp1 and sp2 and new .netframe work critical update all new patchs and drivers

    i have all your main products and registry protection no other sub freebies from dcs runing norton systemworks 2003 goback

    i disable processguard

    system runs fine

    old process guard didnt hang my system i think its cause it didnt put a icon on my tasktray next to my norton and zone alarm

    yeah i know it sound stupit but if i video tape it you see what im talking about

    you can litarly see the hang as it happends norton icon shows process guard icon shows and system hangs lol

    boclean does the same but im perty sure its cause its a bliking icon lol cause it stalls just as it blinks every time the system has froze
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