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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Zeena, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. Zeena

    Zeena Registered Member

    Apr 25, 2008
    Hi :)

    I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem I have with Norton 360 v 2 :'(

    My computer is Vista Home Premium.
    And up until a few weeks ago I was using Norton 360 v 1 with no problems.

    On the 8/4/08 I updated through the Symantec website to Norton 360 v 2

    Everything seemed fine at first :D
    Apart from the fact - Every time it ran a Full Scan...
    About half way through for approx 2 seconds it would almost blow up my Quad Core CPU :(

    Then a week after I'd installed 360 v 2
    HP sent me an update for my Graphics Card Driver.
    My computer ended up in a mess :argh:
    And it took me approx 4 System Restores to get it back to normal.
    By the time I'd got my Graphics Card back..... Norton 360 v 2 was saying - Internal Error! o_O

    I had no choice but to uninstall Norton 360 v 2 using the Norton Removal Tool.

    But then I had a bit of a shock! :doubt:

    When I looked in Vista's Problem Reports and Solutions
    There was a long list of....
    Symantec Service Framework Stopped Working.

    Realising Norton 360 v 2 hadn't been working properly anyway.
    I thought.... Good Job I'm reinstalling Norton 360 v 2

    So I reinstalled Norton 360 v 2

    Everything seemed fine for a few hours :D
    Well apart from the fact....
    It said it had caught a Cookie - I clicked to FIX
    And it reported...
    Risk Found 1
    Risks Fixed 0
    Then I opened Norton Home and clicked on Network Map
    Norton Froze! :argh:
    And suddenly Windows started telling me .... Symantec Service Framework Stopped Working

    I Shutdown my computer - Turned it back On - Norton seemed fine .... Until the Next Morning!

    Once again....

    Windows started telling me Symantec Service Framework Stopped Working

    This happened in the middle of a Background - Full Scan
    And then windows continued to tell me every few minutes .... Symantec Service Framework Stopped Working

    So again.... I uninstalled!

    Again - Using the Norton Removal Tool.

    This time I also used CCleaner to get rid of approx 100 Norton 360 v 2 registry keys.
    I think I should have use CCleaner to clean the Window Temporary Files as well.
    But I haven't had much experience with CCleaner ... So I was too Scared!

    So Once Again.... I installed Norton 360 v 2 for the 3rd time :rolleyes:

    Everything seemed fine!
    I checked Vista's Problem Reports and Solutions
    And for two days ....
    NO! .... Symantec Service Framework Stopped Working

    Then it started again! :'(

    Just like with the very first install of 360 v 2 .... I'm not getting any messages popping up saying....

    Symantec Service Framework Stopped Working

    I only see them when I go into Problem Reports and solutions

    And I know why! :(

    I have been keeping a note of the times when I shutdown my computer.
    Symantec Service Framework Stopped Working
    That I see in Problem Reports and Solutions - Are obviously being logged as the computer is in the middle of Shutting down.
    It's not happening every time.
    I'd say 50% of the time.

    But is my computer Safe?

    It's not exactly ideal :mad:

    And I'm scared to touch anything to do with Norton in case it starts Freezing again.

    I was reading another thread on here....
    Where a lot of people had this problem with Norton Internet Security 2008

    I have to wonder...
    Is this why Norton 360 v 2 wasn't released until much later.

    I don't know what to do :doubt:
    But I know I'm not the only person having this problem with Norton 360 v 2

    If anyone else is having this problem ..... Or if anyone knows the answer to this problem....

    Please let me know!

    Please can someone help!
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  2. s4u

    s4u Registered Member

    Oct 24, 2007
  3. Zeena

    Zeena Registered Member

    Apr 25, 2008
    Hi :)

    I didn't know they had one :oops:

    It doesn't exactly look busy :(

    But it's worth a try I suppose.


    If anyone else has any info that might help ... Can people still post please!

    Thank You! :)
  4. TaInTeD_SnIpEr

    TaInTeD_SnIpEr Registered Member

    Oct 4, 2006
  5. Wake2

    Wake2 Registered Member

    Apr 30, 2005
    Check HP's website to under support and drivers for the make and model of your computer I know some have compatibility updates for Norton that are not offered via auto update but
    are available directly through the HP website.

  6. Zeena

    Zeena Registered Member

    Apr 25, 2008
    Hi :)

    S4U & TaInTeD

    I have posted on the Norton Forum :)
    Actually... It's not as quiet there as I first thought.
    No one has answered me yet :doubt:
    But there does seem to be a couple of people with the same problem as me.


    I've done what you said.... Been to HP support and drivers

    There was one called...

    Norton Internet Security Application Configuration Update.

    But I don't know if this is meant to be for the Trial of Norton Internet Security 2007
    That came preinstalled on my computer.
    That stopped working after 3 weeks and all :rolleyes:
    So it could be for that.
    I was scared to click on it ... In case it started downloading something ... That's not meant for me :argh:

    But thanks to you....

    I know where to look now ... When I've got a HP problem :D

    And I even found the HP forum :thumb:

    What concerns me....

    I really don't know if my computer is safe or not :doubt:


    The way my problem was for the first week - And is again now!
    When I switch off my computer at night....
    It's only the next day when I switch back On - And check in Problem Reports and Solutions
    That I am reminded - I have a Problem!

    Symantec Service Framework Stopped Working.

    I wonder how many people have the same problem..... But Just Don't Know It! :(

    Thanks! :)
  7. Wake2

    Wake2 Registered Member

    Apr 30, 2005
    Hi Zeena,

    From what your indicating the Symantec Service Framework stopped working at shut down seems to be a conflict some where on your system, question is with that, there are so
    many causes of this makes it difficult to troubleshoot as
    programs and processes can interfere with each other
    in closing opened handles at shut down.

    Why dont you check event viewer, to do that go control
    panel, administrative tools, event viewer, open it and see
    if you see any other Symantec Service Framework errors
    occur during normal use of your computer, or only at shut
    down, if occurs only at shutdown I think your computer
    is relatively safe.

    Far as the HP Update I have installed it on HP systems
    running a variety of Symantec programs, NIS 2007,
    NIS 2008, and Norton 360 versions 1 and 2 with no
    adverse affects.


  8. Zeena

    Zeena Registered Member

    Apr 25, 2008
    Hi Wake :)

    Sorry its took me so long to get back to you :oops:

    I found I had a couple of other computer problems too! :eek:

    1/ I found an exclamation mark next to my Card Reader in Device Manager -Fixed! :D

    I have started getting the following error message when trying to use Media Centre...
    Intel Alert Service Has Stopped Working - Not Fixed Yet! :'(

    I don't know if Norton caused these problems.
    Could it have been CCleaner?
    NOTE : When I used CCleaner - To try and get Norton to install properly...
    I'm sure I only deleted registry keys that were to do with Norton.
    I didn't use any of CCleaners other clean up tools.
    In Fact .... I was going to use CC to clean Windows Temporary Files - But I chickened out! :oops:

    With all the other problems I've had
    The weekend ( Kids Off School )
    I'm a coward :doubt: and I can never understand Event Viewer anyway...

    I haven't got round to Event Viewer yet :oops:


    In Vista's Problems and Solutions ....

    Symantec Service Framework Stopped Working

    Continues to be an - only at Shutdowns - time thing! :)

    I'd say it does this 70% of the time now.

    The other day one of the messages hadn't been Reported to Microsoft.
    So I gave Microsoft the BIG Report!
    Took about 15 minutes to upload o_O
    I doubt it will do any good .... But You never know!

    I couldn't get on the Symantec forum yesterday ... I think it must have been down o_O
    I'll try again in a min!
    But no one had replied to me the last time I looked :(

    To be honest...

    As long as Norton 360 v 2 is working while my computer is ON ... I'm starting to think - Give Up!
    If I was to take it out, and try putting it back in - or put my old 360 back in...
    Knowing my luck ... I'll end up in an even worse mess :rolleyes:

    I've run Live Update today ... That works!
    The only thing that is worrying me a bit...
    1/ Only a Quick Scan seems to catch Cookies.
    Unless this is just pure coincidence o_O

    2/ If You Scroll Down A Bit .... See the Eminem Head on Here :
    I was helping my little lad with his music homework yesterday.
    I Right Clicked on the Eminem Head ... And Clicked - Save Picture As
    Then I thought... I should try out Norton's Right Click and Scan - And Scan the Picture.
    So I went to my Pictures Folder and scanned the picture.
    The scan said it had found - Nothing!
    But Yet!
    As soon as the scan had finished... Norton Started a Background Full Scan o_O
    This could have been a coincidence.

    What Do You Think Wake?

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  9. Wake2

    Wake2 Registered Member

    Apr 30, 2005
    hi Zeena,

    If the only time that Symantec Framework error occurs is at shutdown I would not worry about it.

    The Intel alert service error relates to Intel Viiv software
    and check HP website there is a update from version 1.6
    to 1.7 that is available for download, or you can uninstall
    Viiv altogether using add / remove your choice.

    Far as that Eminem picture do not know why a on demand
    scan triggered a complete scan could have been you had
    one already scheduled to run and was the timing.

  10. Zeena

    Zeena Registered Member

    Apr 25, 2008
    Hi Wake :)

    Well the good news is....
    I haven't had any more - Symantec service Framework Stopped Working - Since Sunday
    When I restarted the computer to reinstall my Card Reader :)

    Probably just a coincidence :rolleyes:
    No Doubt ... It wont be the last I see of it
    But I live in hope!
    Quietly keeping all fingers and toes - Crossed!

    Apart from reinstalling my Card Reader...

    1/ I ran Live Update
    2/ Used Norton 360 v 2 to get rid of things like - Temp Files, History, etc..
    3/ And I ran 2 Custom Scans - To see if a Full Scan can Catch Cookies

    3* Deliberately visiting websites that I knew would leave Tracking Cookies...
    The first Custom scan only lasted approx 4o seconds :(
    As soon as it Caught a Cookie... It Finished!
    I did get cut off the Internet about 10 seconds after it started...
    But that shouldn't have stopped it - Should it?
    So I tried again!
    The second Custom Scan ran as it should have done :)
    Caught some Cookies ... But carried on with a Full Scan!

    I'm now waiting to see if the next Background Full Scan catches Tracking Cookies :doubt:

    :thumb: Yep!
    I did a bit of Googling the other day and found this :
    Yesterday.. I emailed Intel
    I think just to reassure myself really :doubt:
    But I'm probably going to uninstall the Viiv Software - Then reinstall 1.7 from the Intel website.

    What do you think Wake?
    Doe's that sound OK?

    Thanks again!
  11. Wake2

    Wake2 Registered Member

    Apr 30, 2005
    hi Zeena,

    Glad you were able to resolve the Symantec Framework error.

    Far as the updated drivers for Viiv HP verses Intel the ones
    from HP include OEM signature, and the ones from Intel do
    not so if you install the ones from Intel you may get a error
    showing in event viewer which can be ignored your call which version you wish to install.

    Far as custom scans I do not know what you set it to scan
    for, and can not see why it would have disconnected you
    from the internet either when the scan completed.

    Far as cookies I know my sister in laws computer Norton 360 detects and removes them with no problem all the
    browsers I use are set to clear temp and cookies on close.

  12. Zeena

    Zeena Registered Member

    Apr 25, 2008
    Hi Wake :)

    Re : Norton 360 v 2

    Unfortunately... Symantec Service Framework Stopped Working .... Came Back!

    I looked at the clock just before I turned my computer off last night - The Time was 22 : 01
    That's 10 : 01 pm

    When I switched on this morning...

    I checked Vista's Problem Reports and Solutions - History

    Symantec Service Framework Stopped Working

    Time it was reported 22 : 02
    That's 10 : 02 pm

    So it has to be just as the computer is almost OFF

    I'm pestering them all to death at the Symantec forum, with all my Norton 360 v 2 questions :D
    Mind you...
    I'm certainly not the only person having Norton 360 v 2 problems :rolleyes:

    It's as though Norton 360 v 2 has a mind of it's own :blink:

    Re : Intel Viiv Software

    I think you're probably right about getting it form HP :thumb:
    It was only this morning...
    It suddenly occurred to me - Do Intel charge for downloading their software?
    The person in the link I gave you, never mentioned money :doubt:

    So what exactly do I have to do to get the new Intel Viiv 1.7 from HP ?
    Do I just go to the HP website - Find the Download link - And Click it ?

    Thanks for helping me Wake :)
  13. Wake2

    Wake2 Registered Member

    Apr 30, 2005
    Hi Zeena,

    Again if the only time you see that Symantec Framework error is at shut down of your computer you need to understand that when you turn off your computer processes, handles, threads etc.. close so it is normal to see that type of message I know
    of a number of programs that generate same type of error.

    On my sister in laws computer and she is using 360 2.0 I do
    not see that error no record of it in event viewer or problems
    and solutions reports but again on some systems it occurs.

    Far as Intel Viiv no Intel does not charge you anything for
    the download and I would look at HP's website under the
    make and model of your computer to see if the latest 1.7
    build of Intel Viiv is available for download.

  14. Zeena

    Zeena Registered Member

    Apr 25, 2008
    Hi Wake :)

    Thank you so much for your help :thumb:

    I'll check out HP
    But if I can't find anything... I suppose it will have to be from Intel

    Both my Norton and Intel problem, aren't really serious problems I suppose.

    They're just annoying! :rolleyes:

    Thanks Again!
  15. Wake2

    Wake2 Registered Member

    Apr 30, 2005
    Hi again Zeena,

    Again if the only time you see that Symantec Framework has stopped working is when you shut down your computer I would not worry about it to much but would
    continue to follow up in the Symantec forums to find a solution.

    Far as Intel ViiV you can download 1.7.1 from Intel no charge, see if it is listed as a update on the HP website as a available update for your computer, or uninstall it,
    and I do remember on a XP machine receiving that same Intel Alerter has stopped
    working message and I set the service from automatic to manual which solved it.


  16. Zeena

    Zeena Registered Member

    Apr 25, 2008
    Hi Wake :)

    I'm so sorry it's took me so long to get back to you :oops:

    Things just went from bad to worse! :'(

    Norton started doing more unexpected scans.
    And it was coming out with rather bizarre results.
    An unexpected Background Full Scan
    ( While I was using the computer )
    Results showed - Norton hadn't scanned any registry keys or removed any Tracking Cookies.

    So I ran a Quick Scan - And Norton scanned the registry & removed the Tracking Cookies.

    Uninstalled Norton - Again!
    Spent hours cleaning out Norton's left overs.

    Reinstalled Norton - Again!
    Everything seemed fine for 24 hours.
    Things started getting really strange.
    Once again - I started getting the Symantec Service Framework Stopped Working.
    But this time it was as though Windows couldn't report it.
    I turned on the computer and got a strange message from Windows about a driver.
    It said something like...
    " Driver for - ACPIIRQ Holder - Could not be Installed or found "
    It tried looking for the driver but couldn't find it.
    I turned the computer OFF - Turned the computer ON - No driver message appeared again ... Thank God!

    So Out Norton Came ........ And is still Out! :doubt:

    It must have took me at least 5 hours to clean it out that last time.
    I ran the Removal Tool twice.
    Used CCleaner ... Just to find Norton stuff Only!
    Searched for Files and Folders.
    Used CCleaaaner again.
    Sounds really simple - It wasn't!
    Every time I thought I'd got all the left over Bits of Norton .... l Made a Restore Point ready for my new security.
    But then I'd think - I'll have one more look!
    And sure enough ... I'd find more Norton :(

    I haven't got round to my Intel problem yet :oops:
    I think it will have to stay on hold. Until this computer is more stable.

    Guess What?
    After the last clean up of Norton.
    And using CCleaner for the last time....
    I really thought I'd blown it!
    The computer took ages to start Up.
    But when I went into Media Center - Guess What it said?
    Some thing like this....
    " Sym Ad On Could Not start! Do you wish to disable it? "
    I said - Yes!

    I knew Norton had done something to Media Centre.
    The Ad On must have broke Intel Viiv :mad:

    This is what I've done now...
    Trial of AVG 8
    PC Tools Firewall Plus
    Both taking a lot of getting used to!
    Especially the Firewall
    It's supposed to be an easy one.
    Well I'd hate to try a hard one then
    I haven't got a clue what I'm doing!

    Is IE7 supposed to have Full Access to the Internet?
    It's got it set as connecting ... But not Full Access!
    This would be OK ... But for some reason my little boy can't play his favorite online game - Runescape
    It keeps giving him a message saying something like.... " No Where to store Temporary Cache "
    My little boy is really upset!

    To Round things off!
    Even though my new security seems to be working OK at the moment ...
    My computer still seems very unstable since all the trouble with Norton started.
    Reliability Index Score for Vista has been going down, and down, and down.
    It's now gone down from...
    9.95 before my problems started To 3.80
    It just seems to drop more and more each day!

    Last night I couldn't make a Restore Point.
    This morning I can!

    As if I couldn't be more upset and stressed....
    I've been reading all the problems people have had with the new AVG.
    And I found some evidence to suggest PC Tools Firewall prevents people using a System Restore.
    Not able to go back to a Restore Point.

    I've also read that both are an absolute nightmare to uninstall :rolleyes:

    I really don't seem to be having much luck with this computer ... Do I Wake?

    Thanks so much for your help! :thumb:

    Zeena :)
  17. emperordarius

    emperordarius Registered Member

    Apr 27, 2008
    Who cares
    You could have tried to use a third party uninstaller, (I suggest Revo uninstaller), and a Registry cleaner. However it's not the first time that Symantec's products are buggy.
  18. Wake2

    Wake2 Registered Member

    Apr 30, 2005
    Hi again Zeena,

    Far as Norton360 scans, at install the scans are set to automatic, and which means they run when Norton finds the computer is idle, so therefore say you walk away from your computer for x amount of time, and you come
    back and find a Norton scan in progress as soon as you touch the mouse, or press any key on your keyboard
    the computer comes out of idle, Norton scan stops, and nothing is detected or found because the scan never
    actually completed.

    To change that behaviour you can open Norton 360, go to settings, task scheduling, sheduling, and change the
    scans from automatic to weekly, monthly, or manual, your preference.

    The instability problems with your computer sounds to me as if Norton360 services were still running when you
    uninstalled this program.

    It is really important when uninstalling security software to make sure real time protection is disabled.

    You can use revo uninstaller like emperordarius mentioned, and also the windows clean up installer found here:

    Can not be of any help with AVG 8.0 or PCTools firewall as I have not used these programs recently, and
    do not know if PC tools firewall would prevent your creating a restore point, you can ask about this though
    in their forum.

    I would not worry at this time about the Vista Reliability and Performance monitor report.

    Far as Runescape can not be of any help to you as I never played that game.

    I would suggest you contact Symantec Technical Support for further help to get your software reinstalled.


  19. Zeena

    Zeena Registered Member

    Apr 25, 2008
    Hi Wake :)

    I know that's how it was supposed to work!
    My Norton 360 v 2 wasn't working that way :'(

    Just like when I scanned the Eminem picture - And 360 v 2 started a Full Background scan immediately after ....
    Norton 360 v 2 continued it's strange behaviour :doubt:

    The last time Norton started an unexpected Full Background Scan ...
    Once again - It was just as I had finished using Norton 360 v 2
    I had just used Norton to clean up Temp files etc.

    I let that scan run from start to finish!
    And when I checked the results .... Definitely something wrong! :doubt:
    You can see Here :

    I think you're right!

    I just wish you'd told me sooner :D
    The problem is...
    I'm still really new to all this computer stuff.
    I've only been using a computer for a year and a half.
    So I'm still learning something new every day.

    I knew CCleaner had an uninstaller. And I did consider uninstalling Norton with that.
    But as I'd only every heard of Norton being removed either the normal way or with the Removal Tool ...
    I chickened out of using CCleaner ( Until I was forced to use it! - See * )


    After I'd already removed Norton with the Removal Tool.
    Used CCleaner to clean the Registry.
    Searched and deleted Norton Files and Folders.
    Used CCleaner again to clean the Registry.
    Plus - Rebooted the computer over and over....
    I decided to have a look at CCleaner's Uninstaller section.
    Guess what was listed?
    Yes! - Norton 360
    I thought maybe it just needed deleting - And tried to delete it!
    I got a message saying it couldn't be deleted.
    So I decided to click - Uninstall.
    I got a message saying something about - MUI and setup
    I had to click cancel to something ... But I think I was clicking Cancel to an Install Not Uninstall.
    Are you confused Yet?
    I know I am!
    It was after that .....
    At that stage I decided It was best to stop looking for Norton and using CCleaner.
    I got scared I was doing things that could get me in a worse mess :(

    Re : MUI
    I did notice that when the Removal Tool got to the part called MUI it stayed there for ages.

    I haven't even been back into Media Centre yet.
    I'm to scared of what I'll find.
    I think I just need a break from problems, problems ... Every Day! :oops:

    Re : System Restore
    Yesterday I tried again .... And was able to make a Restore Point
    So maybe / hopefully - That was just a blip! :)

    Re : Runescape
    We have discovered that Runescape will play absolutely fine through our AOL Browser.
    This at least takes the pressure off me .... Until I can work out why it won't play through IE7 :rolleyes:

    Re : AVG 8 & PC Tools Firewall Plus

    I'm slowly getting used to them! :doubt:
    I would still much prefer to use Norton 360 v 2
    But I'm not going to damage my computer any further by constant Installing / Uninstalling.
    AVG 8 and PC Tools Firewall Plus are a lot harder to understand and work with.
    I certainly don't consider myself a stupid person :oops: But I liked the way Norton just got on with the job.
    Norton was also much easier for my little lad.
    Just a shame Norton 360 v 2 refused to work on my computer :'(

    Thanks Wake!

    Zeena :)
    Last edited: May 8, 2008
  20. Wake2

    Wake2 Registered Member

    Apr 30, 2005
    Zeena what happens if you go to Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services, do you see any Symantec
    services listed there ? and if you go to Control Panel, Add /Remove do you see Live Update, Live Update Notice,
    or any other Symantec or Norton entries listed there ?

  21. Zeena

    Zeena Registered Member

    Apr 25, 2008
    Hi Wake :)

    All signs of Norton disappeared from Vista's Programs and features as soon as I used the Norton Removal Tool.
    That's why I was a so shocked when CCleaner still had it listed.

    Programs and Features is Vista's - Add and Remove

    And Because CCleaner did still have Norton 360 listed...
    That's why I don't believe the Norton Removal Tool has been updated to remove the latest version / Installation files of Norton 360 v 2

    To add evidence to this theory!
    The second to last time - I uninstalled Norton 360 v 2 ....
    I used the Normal Method of removal first - Then the Norton Removal Tool
    And that time .... Norton 360 v 2 didn't show up as listed in either Programs and Features or CCleaners uninstaller.

    To be absolutely sure ... I've just checked again!
    No - Norton, Live Update, or Live Notices - listed :D

    I've also just followed your instructions to check - Services
    I've never been in there before :doubt:
    I was extremely relieved to see ... NO Sign of Symantec :D

    Re : Live Notices
    When I had Norton 360 v 1 - I had Live Notices
    I never knew what it was for and never touched it.
    When I first updated to Norton 360 v 2 with Norton 360 v 1 still installed.... Live Notices was still on my computer.

    Because they were both Norton 360 - Just version 1 and Version 2 ... I didn't think anything of it!
    I just presumed Live Notices was supposed to be on my computer with Norton 360 v 2

    It was only when I uninstalled and reinstalled Norton v 2 for the first time...
    I realised Live Notices doesn't come with Norton 360 v 2 :eek:
    When I'd updated from Norton 360 v 1 To Norton 360 v 2 .... Live Notices obviously got left behind :rolleyes:

    The install of Norton 360 v 2 had failed to remove all of Norton 360 v 1 including... Live Notices.

    Oh Well!
    I'm Norton Free Now :D

    Thanks Wake!

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